How to Advertise

Why advertise with us?

* It’s your most cost-efficient vehicle: comparatively inexpensive, but laser targeted on precisely the audience you want to reach.

* We are the most agile medium for fresh news, including alerts to readers anytime new content is posted through Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds.

* Unlike the disappearing column inches in the print media devoted to the arts, our unlimited bandwidth delivers thoughtful attention to news and reviews.

* In addition to older audiences who use the Internet more than they are given credit for, you will reach more of the 20 to 59-year-olds who base their discretionary spending on online information.

 Who is our audience?

The simple answer is: Yours. The longer answer is we will appeal to several audiences. Certainly, we will serve theater professionals and insiders. But our goal is to reach those who attend arts events frequently but who want advice where to spend their money, snowbirds scouting season schedules before coming south, tourists wanting to know where to go when they visit next month. You already know theater audiences traditionally are affluent, intelligent and have more discretionary dollars to spend. They may live in one county, but they think nothing of traveling through two counties seeking satisfying theater.

Our rates

All introductory rates cited are likely to change as we become more knowledgeable in this area.

Initially, ads will display from the home page through every sub-page. But to accommodate demand, the ad may cycle with another with each refresh or click if we have more ads than slots.


Due to our present workload, we request ready-made ads that fit the dimensions cited above in .JPG or .GIF formats formatted in RGB for the web. If we must build the ad, it would affect the price.

 Payment terms

 Checks made out to Florida Theater On Stage or through PayPal. Due upon first day of publication.

 For more information, email