Miami Whale of a Tale Gets National Virtual Reading

Jenna and the Whale, which will get a high-profile virtual reading on Broadway On Demand at 5:30 p.m. June 30, is that rare exception: It’s a piece created by a pair of playwrights, Vanessa Garcia and Jake Cline.

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Racism & South Florida Theater: Changing The Dance Steps

Asked to spotlight specific problems and potential solutions, everybody had a story of racism infecting the South Florida theater community. Some cited unintentional micro-aggressions in pressure-laden rehearsals. Others underscored systemic failings whose reform will require leaders, supporters and audiences to revaluate everything from what goes on stage to who decides what goes on stage.

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Proposed Reforms For Theaters & Added Reading

Many people are asking what steps can theaters, funders and patrons take to address these issues. In our interviews and in other articles published across the country, here are action items that have been recommended:

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Shows With Racial Themes Or Elements In South Florida 2015-2020

This is a list of most of the productions in professional theaters in the three counties in which the major or secondary theme dealt with race, acknowledged diversity, or intentionally featured minority characters regardless of the underlying theme.

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Looking Back At City Theatre On It’s 25th Anniversary, Despite A Pandemic Pause

Next month was to have marked a milestone anniversary for City Theatre and the company’s much-admired Summer Shorts festival. This pandemic pause notwithstanding, it’s an appropriate time to look back and assess what City Theatre has accomplished.

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Theatre League Ongoing Fundraiser Aids Gig Artists

More than 60 local theater professionals contracted to work in productions in March and April have shared some of the $12,000 that South Florida Theatre League Relief Fund has raised through its ongoing project. To donate go to .www.southfloridatheatre.com.

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StageBill Blog: Feeding Your Habit When There’s No Theater

For lovers of live theater, this “intermission” in communal gathering creates a hunger for more than online bare bones performances from the camera in someone’s cellphone. But there is an easy and often free venue offering unlimited production values and memorable tour de forces.

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Our Fifth Not Remotely Annual Theater Geek Trivia Contest

So you think you know nearly everything about theater except when Broadway will reopen? (We will hold a betting pool next week). On an unreliably intermittent random basis over the years, we have been running our exclusive no-cheat trivia contest. There are no prizes other than to be able to brag that you aced it. You should not look up the answers on the Internet. Don’t bother they’re here.

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Answers To Our Not Annual Theater Geek Trivia Contest

No, don’t open this yet. Don’t cheat. Sweeney is watching.

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Act Two For SoFla Theater: A 2-Part Portrait One Month In

PART TWO: One month into the nation-wide shutdown of live communal theater due to COVID-19, South Florida companies, like those in so many other regions, are trying to write Act Two with little clue how Act Three will play out. In this first of two parts, leaders from local companies and venues a limn this tale of confident hope and chilling fear, cold balance sheets with seven digits in the red, and blue sky imagining what theater will look like in two, three, 18 months.

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