Happy Birthday!


You’re invited to a birthday party today. Ours. One year.

Florida Theater On Stage is celebrating and you’re invited.  You don’t have to bring any gifts because you already have.

Our very existence is due to you. We’ve been encouraged beyond our expectations by the more than 34,150 of you who have peeked at 108,200 pages, the 1,300-plus people who get our Facebook alerts and tweets. We’ve been blessed with your advertising. And we’ve been nourished by the warm feedback we’ve received from you everywhere we go.

So we’re taking a moment here at intermission to thank you and promise you an even better Act Two. While we are ecstatic at how far we’ve come this fast, it’s just whetted our appetite to reach even more people and to ratchet up our content even further. We have plans in the works that we will unveil later in the year, plans we hope you’ll support as we move closer to becoming the most comprehensive source of reliable news and independent reviews about theater in South Florida.

Thanks again,
Bill Hirschman
Oline H. Cogdill
Mary Damiano
Michelle Solomon
Brad Hathaway

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