Editor’s statement on Rising Action Theatre

To our readers:

David Goldyn, artistic director of Rising Action Theatre, has informed South Florida Theater Review contributor Mary Damiano that the company will no longer provide her with press passes due to her critical review on this site of Rising Action’s show,’Fit to be Tied.

As founder and editor of this site, I stand 100% behind Mary and fully support her review of Sept. 26.

No arts organization likes a bad notice. Mary’s review of Fit to be Tied was tough but honest, and her opinion was in line with nearly every other review that appeared of the same production.

Rising Action’s statement that they will no longer provide press tickets to Mary will have zero impact on our coverage. South Florida Theater Review will continue to review shows at Rising Action when they merit coverage, and, as editor, I will send any critic I choose, including Mary, whether we receive press passes or buy our own tickets.

No truly independent arts journalism source can allow itself to be influenced by outside pressure. South Florida Theater Review will continue to cover the tri-county theater scene with the same honesty, objectivity and comprehensiveness as before, with Mary Damiano as a contributing critic.

Lawrence A. Johnson
South Florida Theater Review

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