New Theatre Holds Biennial 1-Acts Festival This Weekend

NewTheatrewhiteonblackSixteen playlets, short but sweet (or tart, hilarious, profound or any of a dozen other adjectives) are the draw in New Theatre’s biennial 1-Acts Festival this weekend in Miami.

Not actually one act plays, these concise works often lasting only 10 to 20 minutes, will be presented Friday night through Sunday evening in different configurations and combinations.

The fund-raiser employs the volunteered talents of 16 local and nationally-known playwrights who have worked in Miami, 16 directors and more than 45 actors and crew members.

New Theatre is currently located at Artistic Vibes, a small warehouse space at 12986 SW 89 Avenue in Miami, just east of The Falls shopping mall, a couple of blocks off of Dixie Highway.

PROGRAM A: 8 p.m. Friday and 5:30 p.m. Sunday

(Not necessarily in this order)

Who Shot Julio Vasquez? by Catherine Bush, Directed by Monica Rosell
Once, I Had Love, Then It Broke by Will Cabrera, Directed by Kenya Anthony-Moore
Into Wishin’ by Todd Caster, Directed by Jair Bula
There Was Nothing We Could Do…We Just Drifted Apart by Vanessa Garcia, Directed by Stephanie Sandoval
17 Likes by Ivan R. Lopez, Directed by Melissa Almaguer
Pact by Jonah Moberg,  Directed by Susie Taylor
The Catch by Erik J. Rodriguez & Charles A. Sothers, Directed by Stephanie “Quills” Rodriguez
Brunch Soon by Marla E. Schwartz, Directed by Eileen Suarez

PROGRAM B: 8 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. Sunday

Odio De Un Pais by Raquel Almazàn, Directed by Ivan R. Lopez
Are You Santa? by David Jay Bernstein, Directed by Steven A. Chambers
Suspension Of Disbelief by Brian Cohen, Directed by Erik J. Rodriguez
Social Drinkers Or The Humanists by Matthew P. Garcia, Directed by Francesca Toledo
Dissemination Upon The Gay Male Ego by Stephen McIntyre, Directed by Andrew Rodriguez-Triana
Bonds by Kaley Rose, Directed by Kimberly Polewski
Brunch Soon by Marla E. Schwartz, Directed by Eileen Suarez
A Fine Arrangement by David Victor, Directed by Teddy Harrell, Jr.
Tuition by Thomas Daníel Valls, Directed by Harold Clinton Archambault

Tickets are $12 per program (A/B) and available online at or reservations can be made by calling (305) 443-5909. A $20 two-program pass is also available.  Happy Hour will commence an hour prior to curtain.

The event started in the summer of 2012 and has since become a twice-a-year event. The festival will expand in 2014 to be held at several different venues, thanks to a $35,000 grant awarded last month by the Knight Arts Challenge grant.

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