Family Affair

Some actors are greeted with applause when they make their big entrance on opening night, but Antonio Amadeo is likely the first person to hit the boards to the sound of a resounding ‘Daddy!’

Six-year-old Lara was sitting in the audience with her mother, actress Katherine Paul Amadeo, at the opening night Friday of Completely Hollywood (Abridged) at the Mosaic Theatre in Plantation.

At one point in the second act, the entire family was on stage. There is an audience participation segment and co-star Christian Rockwell chose a half-dozen ‘extras’ to walk around as ‘pedestrians.’ Lara greeted her dad on stage, but he said, ‘I don’t know you’ to which the sensible little girl scolded, ‘Yes, you do!’

This was not Lara’s debut. The first-grader performed at drama camp this summer. But her mom reports that Lara thinks of this as her real debut: ‘She’s already called her grandparents to tell them that she’s a professional now. Oh, we are in so much trouble!’

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