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Broward Stage Door’s The Immigrant A Tender Family Memoir

Mark Harelik’s The Immigrant, at Broward Stage Door Theatre, has a universal message at it’s core, a fish-out-of-water story that engages the audience in the journey.

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Mosaic’s A Measure of Cruelty Is a Benchmark Triumph

Neither protagonists nor antagonists, the haunted trio at the center of A Measure of Cruelty are desperately seeking compassion and redemption for their separate sins when all they can find in themselves are levels of self-disgust. Your awareness of your own transgressions and your ability to muster forgiveness for others is jammed into a crucible for self-examination by the spectacle of flawed humanity in this stunning world premiere at the Mosaic Theatre of Joe Calarco’s play.

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Mosaic Play Looks At Teen Violence In Premiere Of A Measure of Cruelty

To clarify misconceptions, the drama formerly entitled The Michael Brewer Project did not end up being specifically about Michael Brewer. A Measure of Cruelty, having its world premiering at Mosaic Theatre on Thursday, only uses the burning of the Deerfield Beach teenager in 2009 as the inciting incident, said playwright Joe Calarco and director Richard Jay Simon.

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Promethean’s Swan Song, The Unseen, Is A Hell Of An Exit.

The cruel irony is that The Unseen, the last show before The Promethean Theatre closes its doors forever, is one of the finest productions that the company has mounted in its eight-year history. Craig Wright’s tale depicting two political prisoners tortured in a Kafkaesque dungeon is one of the most incisive explorations of existentialism since Waiting For Godot and No Exit. But the script is elevated to agonizing, visceral life by actors Antonio Amadeo, Andrew Wind and Alex Alvarez, led by the inestimable insight of director Margaret M. Ledford.

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24-Hour Theatre Project Another Smile, Giggle And A Hoot Drenched With Sex

Laura Hodos as Ifeginia the Rabbit / Photo by Bachi Frost By Bill Hirschman Like a precocious pre-teen who has just discovered sex, the fifth annual 24-Hour Theatre Project was frequently raunchy, silly and drenched with carnal preoccupation. The joyously …

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Rising Action’s As Bees in Honey Drown Not As Sweet As It Should Be

As Bees in Honey Drown, the first Rising Action production under the leadership of new producing director Andy Rogow, is a few cuts above the company’s typical fare, but is not without its own missteps.

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A New Day at Rising Action with Andy Rogow and As Bees In Honey Drown

By Bill Hirschman Supporters of Rising Action Theatre are hoping that its sly moniker will add a triple-entendre of meaning, that of a phoenix rising from, if not ashes, then a troubled past. The gay-centric company in Fort Lauderdale is …

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