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Punchline’s So Timely 50 Shades Of Hillary Is Raucous, Irreverent

Regardless of your politics, Punchline Theatre Company’s 50 Shades of Hillary is a treat to relish for the machine-gun comedy and the high octane performances of these four remarkable actors.

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Punchline’s I Love You Because Indicates Promising Future

Punchline Theatre Company’s adorably scruffy puppy of a msuical comedy about modern relationships, I Love You Because succeeds because every aspect — from the performances to the direction to the material itself — is so appealingly and earnestly presented with both self-deprecating humor and unguarded heart.

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Alliance’s Brothers Beckett Is Even Better Second Time

The initial production two years ago of Brothers Beckett, an insider’s reportage on Millennial angst, was not an artist’s sketch at the Alliance Theatre Lab. But its current revival feels far more like a fully-realized, finely-detailed work as if the painter went back in to enhance its virtues.

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Alliance’s roomies Is A Welcome Entry Of, By And For A New Generation Of Theatergoers

Alliance Theatre Lab’s world premiere “roomies” by Mark Della Ventura is a welcome entry in the fledgling development of a South Florida theater of, by and for young adults that focuses on their concerns, references their cultural touchstones and reflects their attitudes – not to mention giving them an artistic outlet that they can’t find in mainstream venues.

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Love Burns Is Off Beat Comedy About Modern Relationships

Seeing life through the prism of offbeat characters such as the oddballs populating the absurdist comedy Love Burns sometimes helps us perceive the modern world more clearly than any naturalistic drama.The two daffy playlets produced by Thinking Cap Theatre are bitingly funny and sharply critical in their depiction of what passes for romance among twenty-somethings in the 21st Century. We’re laughing at them, but we’re also a little worried at the characters’ shallow definition of love.

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