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Disgraced Makes You Reexamine What You Think, Who You Are

Disgraced, bravely offered to the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s mainstream audience, is an incisive drama dissecting intersecting issues of ethnic identity, assimilation and especially persisting fear-fueled prejudices in post-9/11 America.

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With Tensions High, ‘Disgraced’ Could Not Be More Timely

Disgraced, a drama dissecting ethnic relations in post 9/11 America, already has become one of the most produced plays in regional theaters over the past three years. But the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production opening this week obviously could not be more timely, although it was announced a year ago and penciled it before that.

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Hot Button Issues Dissected In GableStage’s Fine Disgraced

Awash in issues of Arab-American assimilation and Anglo antipathy, GableStage’s Disgraced is the classic contemporary example of the topical, thought-provoking drama that forces you to revalidate, even reexamine your perception of the tumult around us.

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Report From New York: Scorching Disgraced Is Classic Thought-Provoking Theater

Ayad Akhtar’s Pulitzer-winning Disgraced is a scalding rebuke to anyone who thinks that any section of our society has come to an intellectual or emotional homeostasis about social, cultural and geopolitical divisions.

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