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McCraney’s Choir Boy Examines Individual Struggling With A Conformist Society

A gay teenager leading a religious choir at a regimented prep school for African-Americans is a perfect theatrical metaphor for an individualist struggling to square his uncompromising self into a society built upon conformity. Elevated by thrilling music performed in five-part harmony, a depiction of this difficult dance is the premise of Tarell Alvin McCraney’s Choir Boy in GableStage’s intriguing production.

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Color-blind casting: New Theatre’s Henry V a sign of evolving norms

A black woman playing Henry V at New Theatre this weekend is a sign of evolving norms in South Florida theater as color-blind and gender neutral casting become more common. It’s partly an inescapable by-product of a multi-ethnic acting pool and audience demographics in a region where interracial families and diverse workforces are too common to even be noticed.

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