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Podcast: Tyrell Talks About Arts Garage & The Future Of Theater

As part of our On The Boards podcasts in cooperation with Arts Radio Network, Florida Theater On Stage’s Bill Hirschman sits down for a conversation with Arts Garage Artistic Director and founder Lou Tyrrell for a comprehensive discussion about the season, the challenges of presenting new work, and the state of theater today. Arts Garage presents the world premiere this weekend of Israel Horovitz’s Gloucester Blue.

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Backwoods Farce About Abuse Exit Pursued By A Bear Is A Hoot

Yards and yards of duct tape, a dead deer, a timely taser, emperor penguins, Shakespeare, a shotgun, Anderson Cooper, President Jimmy Carter and the titular ursine creature all are ingredients in this unalloyed hoot of an anti-spousal abuse comedy, Exit, Pursued By A Bear at the Theatre At Arts Garage.

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Arts Garage’s Cabaret Verboten Is Brilliantly Executed But Unrelieved Cynicism

With brilliant but unrelieved corrosive cynicism, Cabaret Verborten, ausical revue at the Theatre at Arts Garage, mercilessly draws unnerving parallels between the dissolute Weimar Republic and 21st Century America, bluntly underscoring how ripe we are for fascist demagoguery in a heated election cycle.

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Island City (nee Rising Action) and Naked Stage Resurface, Arts Garage Mounts Musical

After an unnerving series of losses, several low-key announcements provide some encouraging news this week for the South Florida theater scene: Rising Action Theatre has succeeded in resurrecting itself as Island City Theatre with a production scheduled for August and hopes for another in the late fall. Naked Stage, which has been in hiatus for nearly a year and half, is preparing shows for July and next winter.

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Arts Garage’s Woody Sez Is Affable, Moving Songbook

Of course, any musical revue of Woody Guthrie’s work must end with the anthem “This Land Is Your Land.” What the musical revue Woody Sez at Arts Garage does is put that expression of patriotism and brotherhood in a sobering context of Guthrie’s chastening life experiences.

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