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Dramaworks’ Quiet, Insightful Our Town Is Worth Investing Your Attention, Imagination

For such a seemingly simple play, Our Town requires the audience to generously invest their attention and imagination. Thornton Wilder’s classic only works when its visitors travel more than halfway there. But for those willing to make that journey, the gossamer delicate play can vibrate the heartstrings and the synapses.

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Heirs Behaving Badly: Dividing The Estate May Be Familiar

Plenty of laughter greets every witticism and absurdity in Palm Beach Dramaworks’ production of Dividing The Estate, Horton Foote’s acidic depiction of greed, jealousy and family. But through the laughter, you either silently thank God you don’t know these people or you curse fate that they are way too familiar.

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Dramaworks’ Dancing At Lughnasa Is Slow Sweet Elegy

Amid blockbuster musicals and dysfunctional family dramas, one of the disappearing genres of theater and much of art is the slow, sweet sad song. And as Palm Beach Dramaworks’ slow, sweet sad production of Brian Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa shows, nobody sings them like the Irish.

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StageBill: If The Carbonells Only Had A Couple More Slots

The Carbonell Awards ceremony falls on April Fools’ Day (restrain your quips), But that also means it’s time for the annual grousing column about nominations.That said, I wish the judges had the ability to expand the list of nominees by one or two slots at will. So here is my personal “Youze wuz robbed” list.

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Six Years at the Caldwell: Solid Performances, Flawed Script

Six Years at the Caldwell Theatre works quite well moment-to-moment, but overall it feels amorphous and, ultimately, not satisfying. It lives in that purgatory where a show has much to recommend it – you can easily list shining moments — but it doesn’t coalesce enough to be compelling.

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