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“Tickle Your Funny Bone” with The Affections of May At Pigs Do Fly

The Affections of May playing this month by Pigs Do Fly Productions is a wonderful evening out of the house. You’ll laugh, you’ll laugh some more, and if you’re a sentimental sort, you may even find yourself tearing up a time or two before the night is over.

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Hilarious and Heartwarming is Morning After Grace at Pigs Do Fly

By Britin Haller Pigs Do Fly’s Morning After Grace is laugh-out-loud funny, with Carey Crim’s script chock with just about every adult theme imaginable, this is a big feat indeed. It’s early morning in a condo somewhere on Florida’s Suncoast …

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Laughs, Drama, Death Jointly in Cemetery Pub At Pigs Do Fly

Cemetery Pub, a play in its second production by playwright-actor Tom Dugan at Pigs Do Fly Productions, is a mash-up of multiple genres as three relatives hash out troubled pasts and an uncertain future in a blue collar New Jersey bar.

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Small Town Seniors Entertain In Pigs Do Fly’s Helen On Wheels

Few an resist feisty, foul-mouthed septuagenarians such as Helen Wheeler because, well, we do not normally expect a woman in her 70’s to tackle someone into submission, or use a blowtorch to free an inmate from jail as is depicted in Helen on Wheels, a delightfully funny and moving, sweet, but not syrupy peek into small town eccentricity.

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A Theatrical State Of The Union For South Florida Fall 2016

A different season advance: Quietly, oh so quietly, the 2016-2017 theater season in South Florida is shaping up to be as notable for tidal growth, contraction, ebb and flow as it is for the actual productions scheduled.

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Collision Of Intriguing Ideas Doesn’t Delve Much Deeper In Pigs Do Fly’s Invasion Of Privacy

Larry Parr’s Invasion of Privacy from Pigs Do Fly Productions, based on a lawsuit against Florida’s beloved Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, lays intriguing thought-provoking ideas on the table, but basically just leaves them there.

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Pigs Do Fly Gains A Bit More Altitude With New “Flying High!”

The writing seems a little sharper, the direction more incisive and the acting a bit more credible at Pigs Do Fly Productions’ new Flying High. Some of the playlets still are a bit lamer than others and some still limp along a bit, but there’s a noticeable uptick in the quality of this evening meant to provide a quiet, gentle smile.

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Pigs Do Fly Launches Seven Short Plays For The Over 50 Set

Ellen Wacher’s Pigs Do Fly Productions opens its second season by, for and about people over 50 years old arguing that F. Scott Fitzgerald was wrong about no second acts in American life with its newest anthology of playlets under the umbrella title No Fear of Flying.

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