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StageBill: If The Carbonells Only Had A Couple More Slots

The Carbonell Awards ceremony falls on April Fools’ Day (restrain your quips), But that also means it’s time for the annual grousing column about nominations.That said, I wish the judges had the ability to expand the list of nominees by one or two slots at will. So here is my personal “Youze wuz robbed” list.

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Side Show Burns With Passion About Love Among Outsiders

There is more passion pouring off the stage in Slow Burn Theatre Company’s thrilling Side Show than in ten other musicals we’ve seen in the past year put together. That may result in one too many deafening power ballad after power ballad for some tastes and eardrums, but for those wanting to be touched by a poignant, but very dark tale skillfully delivered, Side Show is a powerful example of what the modern musical can be.

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New Theatre 1-Act Festival / Slow Burns Sets Season

Slow Burn Looks Ahead Slow Burn Theater Company, the Boca Raton troupe attracted to edgy, challenging work, has chosen the titles for their 2013-2014 season, said co-artistic director Patrick Fitzwater and Matthew Korinko. Specific dates are not nailed down, but …

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Slow Burn’s Avenue Q Has Actors Talking To Their Hands

Backstage at rehearsals for this weekend’s opening of Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Avenue Q, it was not unusual to find actors offstage talking to their puppets. Michael Westrich, who portrays college graduate Princeton, said it goes farther than that. “Sometimes we’re backstage having a conversation and we find the puppets are talking.”

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Peek Behind The Curtain: Season Preview 2012-2013

The 2012-2013 season of South Florida theater promises a continued arc toward more new works and thought-provoking titles ripped fresh off the New York stages, sprinkled with enough perennials and confections to remind us that theater is as much about entertainment as catharsis. Check out our season calendars (click here and here) which document about 250 of the even larger list of offerings.

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Who’s Playing Who This Season?

Regular South Florida theatergoers will recognize many local stalwarts headlining productions this fall as well as some folks new to these parts – and their parts. Palm Beach Dramaworks revealed much of its casting for the entire season this week, featuring the boldface name of Tony Award nominee and part-time local resident Maureen Anderman in December.

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StageBill Blog: It’s Not All Darkness Out There

As the music swelled Monday at Outré Theatre Company’s concert production of tick…tick…BOOM!, a thought kept interfering with my becoming completely lost in Jonathan Larson’s chamber musical. There’s hope.

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Rush Into The Woods To See Slow Burn Theatre Company

Slow Burn Theatre Company’s current production of Into The Woods is a solidly delightful and enthralling evening that should not be missed by lovers of musical theater in the region – and that includes people in Miami-Dade loathe to travel to the wilds of western Boca Raton.

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Slow Burn’s Rocky Horror is Irreverent Fun

This paean to hedonism doesn’t need a critic’s affirmation. It is exactly what it wants to be: big, silly, mindless, nose-thumbing, irreverent fun.

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