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Wick’s White Christmas Melts The Snow Bank In Your Heart

There’s a warm and comforting triple promise in The Wick Theatre’s pre-Thanksgiving production of the musical White Christmas. One is that the promise of the coming holiday season, a second is the promise that this entertaining production will work out the kinks within a few days and the third is the promise that the Wick is on its way to becoming a reliable source of mainstream theater.

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Wick Theatre Defies Odds To Reopen Boca Raton Venue

In the wake of shuttered troupes and emerging newcomers, the rising phoenix of the Wick Theatre and Costume Museum in Boca Raton is awash in patrons and professionals’ optimism and pessimism, welcome and suspicion, encouragement and derision. Workers and administrators are racing to transform the site in time for the first performance of The Sound of Music slated for September 19 and the first scheduled museum tour November 5.

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