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FGO Gifts Twin Comic Operas By Puccini & Ching’s Modern Sequel

Is anything as entertaining as watching a pack of scoundrels maneuvering to snatch from each other what isn’t theirs to begin with? Puccini certainly thought not, as does composer Michael Ching, as does Florida Grand Opera, presenting Puccini’s broad comedy Gianni Schicchi and Ching’s 1997 English-language sequel Buoso’s Ghost.

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FGO’s Madama Butterfly Soars Thanks to Diva’s Performance

In 2014, no one should be able to make the ludicrous thrust of Madama Butterfly remotely credible, yet Florida Grand Opera’s 74th season opener produces a perfectly plausible tale of an abandoned woman’s impossible devotion to a love unworthy of her goodness. Much of this is due Kelly Kaduce’s enchanting performance.

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Murder, Betrayal and Baritones: FGO Delivers Soaring Tosca

One advantage of Florida Grand Opera mounting a beloved classic is the audience knows when it’s being done well, and the audience opening night certainly recognized the current revival of the Tosca as a thoroughly entertaining, satisfying and solidly-executed edition.

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