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  • Island City To Deliver Williams’ Summer, Ludlam, Premiere

    Island City Stage celebrates its tenth season with the anticipated Tennessee Williams’ Suddenly, Last Summer sidelined by the pandemic, plus a world premiere, a Charles Ludlam classic, a return of an earlier success and a contemporary play described as “an unflinching portrait of being Black and gay in America today.”

  • News: Dramaworks Talks With Stars, Silver Palms Returns, Theatre Lab Writing Program

    As the local theater scene ramps up, more and more news including the announcement every few days of a traditional season – which we will roll out one at a time over the next few weeks. But in the meantime…..

  • Theater Up Close Lists Season With Night Music & Frankenstein

    Yet another promising sign that local venues are optimistic about resuming indoor theater is the announcement of the 10th season of the Arsht Center’s Theater Up Close series featuring the work of Zoetic Stage and City Theatre, slated to kick off in October.

  • JCAT’s A Class Act Is Pretty Black & White Day In Court

    The line in the legal play A Class Act, ““For the right money, I’d settle with Hitler,” stands out as much as it does because the virtuous play and JCAT’s heavy-handed production are otherwise absent this moral slipperiness, favoring a reductive arc of cardboard villains earning their comeuppance.

  • Carbonells Propose Major Overhaul With Audience Voters & Attention To Diversity

    A major overhaul of the Carbonell Awards for excellence in South Florida theater has been unveiled that expands the scope of the program to include a “people’s choice” award and concerted efforts across the board to address diversity.

  • Full Report On Proposed Changes To Carbonell Award

    The complete text of the proposed changes to the Carbonell Awards.

  • COVID Pushes Shorts A Year Out, Delays Arsht Bway Season

    The pandemic and other issues are causing some companies performing at the programs at the Arsht Center in Miami to once again rearrange schedules. They will delay the start of the Broadway In Miami season from September to the end of the year, and cause City Theatre to postponed the anticipated Silver Anniversary of  Summer Shorts to 2022.

  • Wick To Open Chorus Line, But Don’t Try to Buy New Tickets

    THE FACTS IN THIS STORY HAVE CHANGED. TICKETS *ARE* BEING SOLD.The Wick Theatre is trying a singular paradigm: It will mount a full production of A Chorus Line beginning April 22 inside its auditorium. But its leaders decidedly do not want to sell any tickets.