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  • Ordinary People Face Global Meltdown In Theatre Lab’s Tragi-Comedy Last Night In Inwood

    In movies, “ordinary people” facing a dystopian challenge miraculously find courage and composure. We would be more like the extended family slowly coming unglued in Theatre Lab’s premiere of Last Night in Inwood as civilization disintegrates.

  • FGO Gifts Twin Comic Operas By Puccini & Ching’s Modern Sequel

    Is anything as entertaining as watching a pack of scoundrels maneuvering to snatch from each other what isn’t theirs to begin with? Puccini certainly thought not, as does composer Michael Ching, as does Florida Grand Opera, presenting Puccini’s broad comedy Gianni Schicchi and Ching’s 1997 English-language sequel Buoso’s Ghost.

  • Upcoming Season: From Death of a Salesman to Spongebob

    Something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue. Well, not much blue, but Palm Beach Dramaworks, Maltz Jupiter Theatre & Slow Burn Theatre have announced 2023-24 season with a wide array of genres. Some have been done a good deal in other theaters; some you’ve never heard of.

  • Rotterdam Captures Shattering Fallout From Gender Fluidity

    Jon Brittain’s prescient, abundantly insightful play Rotterdam at Island City Stage, captures the messy, shattering fallout from gender fluidity for the transgender person as well as their friends, families and lovers.

  • Bower Shines Like A Star in Tuneful, Witty Anything Goes

    If only for the opportunity to enjoy Aaron Bower inhabiting a role she was born to play, we’d urge you to see the Wick Theatre’s revival of the updated Cole Porter musical Anything Goes. But the broader truth is that every aspect of this tuneful, witty musical gets as fine a production here as you can ask for.

  • Fiery Performance Powers Musical About Tina Turner

    Ever wondered what a blazing comet looks like a few yards from your face? Visit the Broward Center to catch the national tour of Tina, a huge fireball smashing through the backwall powering right through the auditorium.

  • Not Hamlet or Hamilton, But The Full Monty Eventually Wins Over

    True, there’s not particularly buff former factory workers stripping down to G-strings, pumping and grinding in a ladies’ bar, but The Full Monty is the kind of pleasant mainstream musical that folks used to complain wasn’t being made anymore.

  • Like the Country It Unravels, ‘American Rhapsody is Complicated, Ambitious & Flawed

    American Rhapsody, Michael McKeever’s sprawling premiere at Zoetic Stage, is a history play, a bildungsroman, a tribute to fluid families, a cautionary tale about where the zeitgeist might be headed. It spans more than 60 years and feels, perhaps like the American experiment itself.