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  • Second Round Of 2018-19 Titles Released For SoFla Theaters

    A second round of South Florida theater season announcements have coincided with the withdrawal of snowbirds, but if this year’s busy slate is any indication, the 2018-2019 season will barely slow down post-Easter.

  • MSP’s This Random World A Challenging Study In Character

    Main Street Players challenges itself and its audiences in This Random World, this 90-minute think piece that will make you question some of your own connections to the people in your life. But the complex story has trouble flowing because of necessary scenery changes.

  • Preach: Praise For Return Of M Ensemble’s God’s Trombones

    For those assigned to commit James Weldon Johnson’s narratives to memory in their younger days, M Ensemble’s God’s Trombones will wrap them in warm nostalgia. For others, M Ensemble skillful interpretation should elicit praise for introducing, and keeping, this important treasure of cultural history in the public eye.

  • Just Try To Resist Mamma Mia At Riverside In Vero. Good Luck.

    Riverside Theatre throws the gauntlet at your feet with its professional production of Mamma Mia! So relent. Pick it up and have a ball at this bouncy juke box musical. This Mamma Mia! is simply as good as it gets. It has personality, beauty, energy, passion and Broadway worthy performances.

  • Queen Of Basel Reimagines Miss Julie in Modern South Beach

    Amid the rise of the #metoo movement, the surprise in the new play Queen of Basel, subtitled “Or an unapologetic response to Strindberg’s Miss Julie,” is just how closely this modern-day riff still echoes the sadly timeless themes of the 1888 original. But Hilary Bettis’ script, expand and dig deeper into Strindberg’s naturalistic examination of a war between the sexes mingled with a war of economic class distinctions.

  • The Joy And Pain Of Discovery Make Zoetic’s Fun Home Soar

    The stirring musical Fun Home is a detective story in which the mystery is never solved, but the investigator comes to terms with the existence of the enigma. What Zoetic Stage’s triumphant production does better than the Tony-winning production is its depiction of the unalloyed joy and bottomless agony of discovery in that journey.

  • The Importance Of Dreams: Waitress On Tour’s Poignancy

    This Broadway Across America production of Waitress at the Broward Center about the complexities and emotional truth of how dreams do and should form the backbone of life.arguably is even brighter and more deeply felt than the 2016 version still running in New York

  • Be Here Now Is Engrossing Experience, Skillfully Staged, Acted By Theatre Lab

    Life is all about attitude and how you perceive what you encounter, whether it be a stack of garbage or a deadly disease, in Be Here Now, Deborah Zoe Laufer’s life-affirming, funny and touching new play.
    Theatre Lab, has mounted a production of the engrossing, taut, yet layered piece for which it can be proud.