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  • Dramaworks’ Honors The Family Verities: Greed, Sex and Murder In Revival Of The Little Foxes

    Greed. Sexism. Conscienceless businessmen. Blackmail. Rebellious youth. Women fighting to break the glass ceiling. Women using sex to manipulate men. Bank embezzlement. Even murder. No, not the latest installment of The Real Housewives. It’s Palm Beach Dramaworks’ revival opening this week of The Little Foxes.

  • Sex In Primal Forces’ ‘The Good Girl:’ Is It Real Or Replicant?

    In a bit of serendipitous synchronicity with the sequel of Blade Runner and the reboot of Westworld, Primal Forces’ production of The Good Girl explores the complexities of humans creating creatures with artificial intelligence by asking who is influencing who in a world in which technology and humanity are so intertwined.

  • The Sound of Music Sings Once More With Feeling In Broward

    Perhaps you’ve seen The Sound of Music once too often. But if you have fond memories that seek reawakening or if you have never seen it on stage as opposed to the film, this is an enthusiastically recommended effort.

  • MNM ‘s Less Zesty But More Heartfelt La Cage aux Folles

    For a show that shattered a ceiling in 1983, La Cage aux Folles has become a warhorse in 2017. MNM Productions’ edition embraces the spangles, glitz and sheer Jerry Herman of it all. So if you haven’t seen it in a while, this is an entertaining reminder. What sets this apart is how it emphasizes the heart rather than the heat – and that’s a welcome emphasis for those who may have seen this classic once too often.

  • A Fraying Promise Exposed In GableStage’s The Humans

    GableStage’s production of The Humans is like watching a Kmart photo department family portrait that has been left too near a wall heater. Almost imperceptibly, the edges start to brown, the image shudders a bit, then the edges curl ever so slightly. And suddenly, the perfect image erupts in flames.

  • Estefans’ Bio-Musical On Your Feet Gets Miamians’ On Theirs

    Joy suffused the house on the “opening night” of the national tour of On Your Feet! the bio-musical about Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Part of the palpable elation pouring both ways across the footlights was simply that it was “our” story and “the cast’s” story being celebrated. “Our” refers to far more than Latinos, or immigrants, or minorities, or Miamians, although it’s about them, too.

  • Estefans’ Inspiring Life Story Comes Back Home In A Musical

    Gloria and Emilio Estefan once again are bringing it back home. The national tour of On Your Feet!, an autobiographical Broadway musical powered by their iconic songbook, will open this week at the Arsht Center in their hometown.

  • City Theatre’s Crackling, Provocative ‘Building the Wall’ Plays a Dystopian Trump Card

    City Theatre’s production of Building the Wall opens with audio of then-candidate Donald Trump spewing some of his more incendiary anti-immigration rhetoric. The first line has yet to be spoken, and already you can feel your blood pressure start to rise.