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  • juliessmv

    Lost Girls First Full Production Features Fantastical Imaginings Transported Into The Real World

    Juliet Among the Changelings, the inaugural full-length production from Lost Girls Theatre, succeeds most if not all of the time in establishing and staying in that difficult groove of fantasy and reality, producing a charming, humorous and thoughtful evening unlike much else you’ll find in local adult theater.

  • valpoursm

    ALA’s ‘Love! Valour!’ Is Valiant, But Too Much of A Challenge

    Andrews Living Arts makes a valiant effort to conquer the challenging Terrence McNally play Love! Valour! Compassion! but it proves more than they can handle.

  • AMSND3sm

    Mostly Student Cast Charms In Evening Star/Sol’s Surprising Midsummer Night’s Dream

    You have to make allowances for the inexperience of the mostly high school students in handling Shakespeare’s verbiage in Evenig Star/Sol’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. But the cast’s enthusiasm and director Seth Trucks’ imaginative re-envisioning is surprisingly entertaining and in harmony with the spirit of Will’s daffy comedy.

  • shorts4sm

    Presidential Politics Make Shorts Gone Wild Even Wilder

    Political satire is like the finest champagne – delectable at the time but going flat with age. But in the meantime, as Shorts Gone Wild 4 (subtitled Decision 2016: It’s Gonna Be Yuuuuuge!) underscores, what a terrific way to blow off angst over today’s polarized landscape.

  • worldsm

    Kander & Ebb’s World Goes Round Gets Affecting Outing

    MNM Productions at the Kravis Center’s superb revival of the Kander and Ebb revue The World Goes Round takes us on a detailed tour of the landscape of the human heart, not just the joyful peaks or the crippling abysses, but the winding trails through murky wilderness.

  • comtrag2sm

    No Such Thing As Dog Days Of Summer In SoFla Theater

    For anyone who still thinks that theater disappears in South Florida during the summer, take a moment to absorb the schedule for the rest of the month – eleven openings plus six shows still running and this isn’t all of it.

  • STBsm

    With ‘Stalking the Bogeyman,’ GableStage Explores Taboo Subject With Unadorned Gravity

    GableStage’s Stalking the Bogeyman, a true life tale of sexual abuse and revenge, stands out for its intelligence, bravery, sobriety and sheer darkness Buoyed by the raw sting of truth that great nonfiction provides, Bogeyman is more than a play. It’s a public service.

  • glasssm

    Flawed Glass Menagerie Shows Promise For New City Players

    New City Players’ The Glass Menagerie starts a bit sluggishly, suffers throughout from some debatable technical decisions, and some performances are more compelling than others. But it builds in polish and power until it produces a second act that consistently makes you glad you invested an evening.