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  • M&Ssm

    Emotional Ravages, Changing Attitudes To Homosexuality In GableStage’s Mothers And Sons

    GableStage’s production of Terrence McNally’s script Mothers And Sons surpasses the Broadway premiere by depicting close-up the devastating pain when deep emotional wounds inflicted decades earlier are ripped open again. And it depicts the process of rending apart the psychic scab in unforgiving real time.

  • victoria2

    Wildly Uneven But Creepily Intriguing Veronica’s Room

    Halloween has arrived early with a wildly uneven but strangely intriguing production of Ira Levin’s 1973 exercise in creepiness, Veronica’s Room at Andrews Living Arts. The evening never quite lands as a whole, but there are undeniably flashes and even long stretches that do justice to Levin’s attempt to make the audience wonder what is real and exactly who is crazy.

  • comtrag2sm

    News Briefs: City Theatre Reads Possible Summer Shorts Tonight, Lake Worth Needs A Floor, Pussycat To Purr Extra Weeks

    News about Summer Shorts reading potential plays tonight, Lake Worth Playhouse fundraiser and Stage door extends run of What’s New Pussycat

  • rosesm

    Evening Star’s The Subject Was Roses Needs A Few More Thorns

    Evening Star Production’s The Subject Was Roses underscores the insightful script, but the valiant effort leaves far too much crucial passion AWOL.