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  • Get Swept Up In Hairspray At The Maltz Jupiter Theatre

    Everything about the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s Hairspray has volume, and then some . . . from the bubblegum-bright lighting design to overdrawn characters that, while definitely animated, never come off as cartoonish, to the Maltz’s always super snappy choreography that’s as perfectly coiffed as a beehive hairdo plastered with Aqua Net

  • Demos-Brown Is Opening New Play This Week At Zoetic, But The Big News Is Broadway

    Christopher Demos-Brown has a world premiere Friday of Wrongful Death And Other Circus Acts at Zoetic Stage, but his play American Son is slated to open on Broadway in November.

  • The Wick Theatre’s Singin’ in the Rain Has a Familiar Patter

    The Wick’s Singin’ in the Rain, for all of its talent and technical achievements and good cheer, offers too few reasons to experience the stage version of the definitive MGM movie musical on its own merits. It’s such a studied, careful, conservative Xeroxing of the movie that it only occasionally gives way to the woollier possibilities of the stage experience.

  • Island City Stage’s Musical Hoot Zanna, Don’t! Is Zanna Do

    Island City Stage’s highly entertaining production of the musical Zanna, Don’t! will never be confused with a show by Stephen Sondheim, though there are numerous references to the famed composer. Amid the numerous pop culture references, , and well-timed humor, Zanna, Don’t! slyly, yet forcefully, maintains that everyone has a right to love whom they want.

  • A Gentleman’s Guide To Love And Murder And Laughter

    We could tell you that A Gentleman’s Guide to Love & Murder is a satire of the artificiality of the class system and an affectionate lampoon of British theater genres such as the music hall and Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. All of which would be accurate. But, actually, the Tony-winning musical touring at the Broward Center this month is simply deliciously devilish fun.

  • African Americans Score Strongly In 2017 Carbonell Award Nominations

    South Florida has long been home to minority-dominated theater companies as well as productions in which race was a central theme. But the Carbonell Award nominations for 2017 released this morning underscore how opportunities have grown specifically for African-American artists in the region and for audiences interested in their work.

  • Full List of 2017 Carbonell Award Nominations

    2017 nominations for the 42nd annual Carbonell Awards

  • Report From New York: Come From Away & Anastasia, A Season Old; Fresh As Last Week

    Two musicals open since March are still worth taking in any time you make to Manhattan. And if you can’t afford a trip up north, rest assured that these will tour in the next couple of years and should not be missed. One is the least likely to gather angels’ backing in an elevator pitch, Come From Away; the other is a surprisingly solid satisfying reinvention of an animated movie initially aimed at preteen girls, Anastasia.