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  • Matilda Will Charm The Kids, But Will Resonate With Their Folks

    Area Stage Company’s Matilda is not really a children’s musical, although children will have a fine time when they are not storing up nightmarish images for future midnights. Matilda’s witty lyrics, satirical jibes and a multi-level script with psychological overtones are really aimed at those parents bringing their children.

  • Ideals Prevail Over Darkness In MNM’s Man Of La Mancha

    When Man of La Mancha is performed as well as MNM Theatre Company’s production, then the magic is savoring how the innate worth of ideals ultimately prevails over an all-too-recognizable world of violence and evil. Its message does not ignore the profound power of darkness, it avers that its virtues can transcend the darkness, and that their pursuit is an informed choice.

  • JCAT Drives Home ‘Miss Daisy’s’ Relevance To Our Times

    There are plays that you may have seen ithat, when you experience them in today’s environment, bring more of a tear then they might have 10 years ago. This is the experience with JCAT’s Driving Miss Daisy — an underlying reality that some of the experiences that many of us thought, probably Alfred Uhry, too, when he wrote it in 1987, would be reflective are once again front and center.

  • Report From New York: You’ve Never Seen Oklahoma! Like This

    Sitting in Circle In The Square’s deep-thrust proscenium-less theater, it’s inescapable that director Daniel Fish and his team have gone way, way out of their way to let you know that this is (to repeat an oft-used phrase) not your grandma’s Oklahoma! — even before the show starts, and then aggressively tossing paradigm-shifting trope-trashing curve balls at the audience.

  • MNM Prepares A Man Of La Mancha Relevant For Our Times

    In this tarnished time of disaffection, divisiveness and abandoned ideals, the synergistic resonance of the musical Man of La Mancha is more than a welcome opportunity for director Bruce Linser. The hope-laden messages of aspiration for a better world could not be more timely than this month when MNM Theatre Company mounts the classic musical at the Kravis Center.

  • Family-Oriented ‘When She Had Wings’ Soars At Theatre Lab

    Theatre Lab’s family-friendly production of When She Had Wings posits a young girl, convinced she could fly before she could walk, trying to regain her power of flight.

  • TheatreWorks Adds Another Story To The 39 Steps

    Oft-produced plays can sometimes be a groaner to sit through, yet again. How many more laughs can be extracted from the same story line and same characters? However, sometimes a production squeezes out even more juice. That’s exactly what TheatreWorks Silicon Valley had done with a top-notch, vaudeville-inspired production of The 39 Steps.

  • Musical Boca Bound Shows It’s Possible To Repair Relationships

    It took a crushed femur for Boca Raton resident Bonnie Logan to find her passion – writing for the stage. Indeed, if Logan hadn’t broken the thickest bone of the human skeleton, she wouldn’t be preparing to mount her first theater piece, Boca Bound: A New Musical. The world premiere run from Sept. 19-22 at Boca Raton’s Wick Theatre.