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  • Timely ‘All The Way’ Exposes How Your Sausage Is Made

    Although the Actors’ Playhouse folks are working very hard to master this Everest of a play, All The Way, about Lyndon Johnson’s campaign to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, this time they have barely fought the work to a standstill.

  • Everything’s Coming Up Roses With Lewis & Dodge In Gypsy

    Merman. Lupone. Daly. Lansbury. Taking not a scintilla away from those iconic performances, you have never seen a Mama Rose like the one Vicki Lewis incarnates in Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s unique but masterful take on Gypsy.

  • Something Rotten Is A Hoot For Theater Nerds & Novices Alike

    If there is a corner of Heaven reserved for musical theater nerds who know Stephen Sondheim’s middle name, likely one stage is rotating The Drowsy Chaperone, [title of show] and, as proven by the Broadway Across America national tour now at the Broward Center, Something Rotten.

  • Miami New Drama’s Inventive A Special Day Finds Whimsy, Melancholy In Fascism’s Rise

    Once it gets going, Miami New Drama’s A Special Day, is a hallmark of wily invention and Brechtian artifice, a celebration of theater’s ability to create something from nothing in front of our eyes.

  • FGO Hosts Moving If Flawed Tale Of Gay Cuban Poet-Dissident

    The true-life narrative in Before Night Falls is profoundly powerful and undeniably affecting: Reinaldo Areneas, the gay Cuban poet, inspired by the beauty of the island but brutally oppressed by the government, escapes to America only to find that the loss of his homeland is as crippling as the loss of freedom had been.

  • Climb On The Raft With Huck And Jim In Slow Burn’s Big River

    Classic American values of friendship, tolerance, freedom and a sense of subversive independence are lovingly and joyously resurrected in Slow Burn Theatre Company’s Big River, a revival-like celebration of an America that likely never existed but speaks to what we wish we had been and represent what we once hoped we’d be.

  • Working To Ignore The Ghosts In Maltz Jupiter’s Revival Of Gypsy

    When a theater revives the musical Gypsy as the Maltz Jupiter Theatre is doing this month, there is always the ghost in the room. So the challenge for director Marcia Milgrom Dodge and her favorite leading lady Vicki Lewis is to preserve the iconic tropes while putting their unique fresh stamp on a work.

  • Stand Up, Wick Theatre’s Guys And Dolls Is Rockin’ The House

    One quiet fear of frequent theatergoers is that some well-meaning troupe will bungle a piece they love and override precious memories with mediocrity. Well, breathe easier. The Wick Theatre’s rendition of Guys and Dolls, widely considered one of the best musical comedies ever written, is as buoyant and spirited a triumph as a fan could wish.