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  • Jim Ballard & Katie Fabel

    The Heart Is Just Another Tool To Exploit In Dramaworks’ Les Liaisons Dangereuses

    When done well, the astringent Les Liaisons Dangereuses is an increasingly horrifying descent into a morally bankrupt aristocratic society. Palm Beach Dramaworks’ solidly executed and lushly produced edition comes very close to achieving that level, but it falls just a shade short of communicating the venality of curdled souls.

  • UNDOsm

    Parade Productions’ Undo Charts Divorce By Replaying Wedding In Reverse

    Undo’s premise – a Jewish divorce ceremony that rewinds a couple’s wedding day — sounds so much like a sitcom episode that you keep expecting it to slide into shallow farce. But it doesn’t. The script is shot through with mordant gallows humor, but Parade Productions’ edition keeps excavating the marrow of marital and familial relationships.

  • Cabaretsm

    Come Hear The Music Play: Darker, Lewder, Deeper Cabaret

    Broward Stage Door’s courageously adult and resplendently lewd production of Cabaret ain’t your condo grandmother’s musical comedy. The only thing missing from this vision echoing the Sam Mendes revival is the nipple ring.

  • woodsprodsm

    DreamCatcher’s Uneven Into The Woods Thrills And Disappoints

    This Into The Woods by DreamCatcher Theatre and Theater Up Close is so heartbreakingly uneven that it may bring Sondheim lovers close to tears. Long stretches are so skillfully and lovingly executed that you want to cheer. Others fail to conquer this difficult work. But the misstep is the high-profile casting of Tituss Burgess in the linchpin role of the Witch.