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  • murdersetsm

    Actors Playhouse Rips Into Auditorium For Murder Ballad

    Some patrons might be a tad uncomfortable at Murder Ballad at Actors Playhouse. After all, a lovesick swain likely will pour his heart out while standing on a chair a few inches away from an audience member’s face. A ticket buyer may find herself within spitting distance of a sweaty couple trying to kill each other.

  • First Sketchsm

    Slideshow: First Steps Turning Actors’ Playhouse’s Upstairs House Into A Bar

    Actors’ Playhouse’s crew spent weeks ripping up its second floor balcony theater and reconfiguring it for its upcoming production of the noirish musical Murder Ballad, set in a dark East Village bar. See a slideshow of the work here.

  • Provoke Photography LLC /

    Ground Up And Rising’s Dying City Struggles For Clarity, But Has A Solid Performance

    The ultimate themes and intended resonances of Dying City dance just out of intellectual reach in Ground Up and Rising’s brave but flawed production, but the audience gets some reward sifting through the intriguing confusion as they seek graspable meaning.

  • M&Ssm

    Emotional Ravages, Changing Attitudes To Homosexuality In GableStage’s Mothers And Sons

    GableStage’s production of Terrence McNally’s script Mothers And Sons surpasses the Broadway premiere by depicting close-up the devastating pain when deep emotional wounds inflicted decades earlier are ripped open again. And it depicts the process of rending apart the psychic scab in unforgiving real time.