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  • issm

    “Broadway Baby” Issie Swickle From Davie Gets Title Role In New Annie National Tour

    Issie Swickle. Remember that name. Not that you’d have trouble doing so. But remember when you first heard it, for bragging rights. Because you may be hearing it for a long time.

  • WNP0566sm

    What’s New Pussycat Is Surprisingly Effective Blast From The Past At Stage Door

    The secret of the highly improbable but undeniable success of the new ‘60s musical revue What’s New Pussycat — The Soundtrack of an Era at Broward Stage Door is encapsulated in the second-to-last musical number.

  • pbdextsm

    Dramaworks’ Dramaworkshop May Become Region’s Most Ambitious New Play Program

    Palm Beach Dramaworks is embarking on an ambitious new plays development program: Dramaworkshop. Over the next three years, the company is building a framework to nurture nascent scripts through readings, workshops and full developmental productions.

  • coesm

    Laura Ruchala & Evening Star: Tragedy Tomorrow, Rollicking Comedy Of Errors Tonight

    Despite the death of director Laura Ruchala, Evening Star Productions’ The Comedy of Errors is a rollicking ebullient edition of Shakespeare’s farce of mistaken identities. Ruchala’s playful play-filled vision embraces every stripe of daft and deft comedy from Will’s word play to slapstick.