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  • Rob Donohoe

    Dramaworks’ Buried Child Is Harrowing Thrilling Theater

    Palm Beach Dramaworks’ Buried Child is not a pleasant evening of entertainment; it’s more of scathing abrasion therapy that purges the mental palate with fare that is as harrowing as a plow etching a deep gash in the land. But it is theater at its best.

  • forsm

    39th Carbonell Awards Honors Excellence At Theater Prom

    Hundreds of theater professionals and fans gathered Monday night in tuxes and gowns at theater prom better known as The 39th Carbonell Awards on Monday night.

  • carbonellsm

    2015 Carbonell Award Winners

    Winners of the 2015 Carbonell Awards and stats

  • jr2

    John Rubinstein & Pippin: I’ve Heard That Song Somewhere

    Déjà vu is inevitable for John Rubinstein as he portrays the father of the title protagonist in Pippin revival’s national tour coming to the Broward Center next week. After all, Rubinstein created the young man’s role in his Broadway debut 42 years ago. So while he’s on stage acting in one show, another one sometimes nibbles at his consciousness.