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  • cappiessm

    14th Annual Cappies Nominations Announced

    The Critics’ Awards Program, or Cappies for short, will celebrate outstanding achievement in high school theater at 26 public and private schools throughout Broward and Palm Beach counties in the 14th Annual Cappies Awards Gala on May 24 at 7 p.m. in the Au-Rene Theater at the Broward Center .

  • Cover of slick multi-color fund-raising brochure distributed last week at the opening of I Love A Piano

    Betting ‘All In:’ Act 2 As The Wick Theatre Buys Its Home

    On April 28, Marilynn Wick will sign a $5 million mortgage and take formal possession of the former Caldwell Theatre building, heralding the beginning of a new phase of The Wick Theatre.

  • samesm

    Romantic Same Time Next Year Remains A Charming Perennial

    Charm, that most underrated of quiet virtues in a theater of brassy belters and in-your-face spectacle, suffuses the vagaries of a 24-year love affair in Broward Stage Door’s appealing revival of the gentle Same Time, Next Year.

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    Riverside’s Sister Act Has Slim Story But Visual Pizzazz

    When a theatrical production’s scenery, lighting and costumes get as much attention as the characters, chances are the story is a bit slim. You see that clearly with Riverside Theatre’s eye-popping Sister Act, a co-production with the venerable Walnut Street Theatre of Philadelphia.

  • ilovesm

    Wick’s Take On I Love A Piano Is How To Do A Musical Revue

    Not everyone is a fan of musical revues, but if you’re going to mount I Love A Piano, that justifiably popular evergreen staple of regional theaters over the past decade or so, this is the way to do it.

  • murdsm

    Evening Star’s Murdered To Death Is Supremely Silly Fun

    In Evening Star’s Murdered To Death, this comic murder mystery satire becomes so supremely silly with slapstick, overheated melodrama and an endless supply of verbal blunders that the actors have little recourse but to succumb to the infectious laughter from the audience.

  • roofsm

    Roof! Reaches Heights In Its Love Affair With Miami Locale

    There’s a rhythm to Ricky J. Martinez’s writing in his new play Roof!, which is having its world premiere at New Theatre. If there was a tin roof in Roof! (there isn’t), the words would sound like a tap, tap, tap on the tin. It has to do mostly with how Martinez has constructed the piece, his Ode to Miami. It’s “Miami language dealt in a Felliniesque way,” says one of the characters. It’s true.

  • ddsm

    Flawed Dirty Dancing, The Stage Musical, Still Ends With A Lift

    Broadway Across America’s Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story On Stage on tour at the Broward Center is a flawed and misconceived project with a noticeable lack of fire, but much can be forgiven when the show focuses on hardbodies writhing to infectious pop tunes.