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  • realsm

    Report From New York: The Real Thing Remains A Puzzlement

    Tom Stoppard’s play about the war between head and heart in romance, The Real Thing, is reputedly his most accessible. Yet on my fourth connection with it through the revival at Roundabout Theatre Company, it still doesn’t cleanly despite a starry cast.

  • starsofdavidsm

    Stars Of David Is Touching, Funny Revue About Identity

    Seeking “Who am I?” is the defining journey of most lives, and our religious heritage is part of the solution, even if we don’t embrace that religion or its culture. Such is the soul of Stars of David: Story To Song, a musical revue, which, despite its cripplingly kitschy title, is a surprisingly entertaining, witty and poignant look at how Jewish-Americans struggle on that journey.

  • M&Ssm

    The Best Of Times Is Now: Memorable Moments Of 2014

    Here’s a look back at 2014 including a very subjective subjunctive reductive list of outstanding shows, performances and developments guaranteed to make someone unhappy they were not on the list. Take comfort in that there was so much good work that this is the crème de la crème de menthe.

  • moesm

    Joint is Jumpin’ At Broward Stage Door’s 5 Guys Named Moe

    This production of Five Guys Named Moe is an energetic romp with some of the most energized performers to burn up the floorboards at Broward Stage Door. The joint is most definitely jumpin’.