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  • Lonely Souls Connect In The Charming But Inconsistent Travelogue See Rock City

    Evening Star Productions’ regional premiere of the episodic musical See Rock City and Other Destinations, which has enthusiasm and heart to spare, suffers from inconsistencies across its seven-piece ensemble.

  • The First Step: Diary Of A Sex Addict Is Hilarious, Insightful And *Really* Unflinching

    The First Step (Diary of a Sex Addict), which makes the rounds of video porn parlors, urinals, gay baths and sessions of a self-help group, sounds like the premise for a Saturday Night Live skit. And Michael Leeds’ play at Island City Stage is, indeed, very funny. But woven into the outrageous humor is a compassionate in-depth examination of the emotional spiral wreaked by the tyranny of this specific disease/illness.

  • Wick’s West Side Story Is Adequate But Not Transcendent

    There is nothing especially wrong with The Wick Theatre’s riff on West Side Story, But if you’ve seen other productions, by comparison, the modestly entertaining result is competent but rarely reaches those emotional peaks that the work is proven capable of.

  • A Gleeful Over-The-Top Spin To The Producers At The Maltz

    The Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of The Producers is one of most joyously over-the-top energetic rendition ever mounted, spotlighting more physical comedy than you’ve seen in some time

  • Dramaworkshop Exemplifies New Play Development With Faletto’s ‘Domestic Animals’

    The 21st Century paradigm for developing new plays in on display this month at Palm Beach Dramaworks’ Dramaworkshop “developmental” production of Jennifer Faletto’s Domestic Animals.

  • Gorgeous Music Elevates Stage Door’s The Most Happy Fella

    Some directors say if you cast a show well, you’re more than halfway home to a successful production. So while the acting is just barely adequate in Broward Stage Door’s The Most Happy Fella, have they ever casted the voices beautifully and that makes for some stirring satisfying moments well worth the ticket.

  • Tour Of Revival Of The Revival Of Cabaret Is Shatteringly Relevant This Political Season

    This 2016 tour of Cabaret does not break a shred of new ground artistically; it intentionally recreates with photo-copying accuracy the 1998 revival in which British director Sam Mendes reimagined the initial Hal Prince vision by amping up the debauchery factor by a factor of ten.

  • Maltz Theater Aims To Produce ‘The Producers’ As Its Own

    The challenge of mounting such an iconic musical as The Producers with its legendary Broadway production haunting any subsequent edition oddly isn’t chilling the principal talents at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production opening Jan. 10.