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  • Theatre League Ongoing Fundraiser Aids Gig Artists

    More than 60 local theater professionals contracted to work in productions in March and April have shared some of the $12,000 that South Florida Theatre League Relief Fund has raised through its ongoing project. To donate go to

  • Students Get South Florida Cappies Awards In Online Gala

    The COVID-19 virus did not rob this high school generation of the chance to honor each other’s work in the South Florida Cappies organization’s slickly-produced online celebration livestreamed Tuesday night in the 18th annual presentation of the awards.

  • COVID’s Effect On Miami-Dade Arts Persists And Worsens

    New figures show that the COVID-19 pandemic continued to gut punch the arts community in Miami-Dade County through last month with a total loss estimated at nearly $43 million and costing more than 5,300 jobs across the non-profit and cultural organizations, the county reported Tuesday.

  • StageBill Blog: Feeding Your Habit When There’s No Theater

    For lovers of live theater, this “intermission” in communal gathering creates a hunger for more than online bare bones performances from the camera in someone’s cellphone. But there is an easy and often free venue offering unlimited production values and memorable tour de forces.

  • See Around The World Theater From Your Living Room

    All the world’s a stage, in the case of Long Distance Affair, literally. Sitting in your living room in South Florida late this month, theater fans will be able to watch short plays beamed to them from Singapore, London, Paris, Madrid, New York City, and, oh, yes, Miami in an innovative experimental paradigm from Juggerknot Theatre Company.

  • Steinberg /ATCA and Osborn New Play Award Winners Named

    Playwright E.M. Lewis is the 2020 recipient of the Harold and Mimi Steinberg / American Theatre Critics Association New Play Award. The Steinberg/ATCA Award, which comes with a $25,000 prize, recognizes playwrights for the best scripts that premiered professionally outside New York City during 2019.

  • You Can’t Stop The Beat: Well, At Least Online In So. Florida

    Trivia contests, master classes, solo performances, new play development online, lectures, podcast-like schmoozing interviews, requests for video audition, 24-hour theater projects, even soliciting subscriptions for specific dates. The ghost light may be lit across the South Florida theater scene, but nearly every troupe is aggressively keeping the genre’s profile inescapable.

  • Our Fifth Not Remotely Annual Theater Geek Trivia Contest

    So you think you know nearly everything about theater except when Broadway will reopen? (We will hold a betting pool next week). On an unreliably intermittent random basis over the years, we have been running our exclusive no-cheat trivia contest. There are no prizes other than to be able to brag that you aced it. You should not look up the answers on the Internet. Don’t bother they’re here.