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  • For SoFla Theater, Will This Be “That Championship Season?”

    Growth and evolution occur across an arc, but when you’re living through the middle of it, sometimes it’s difficult to realize we’ve reached a new level. On top of one of the most memorable seasons in South Florida theater’s history, the coming season – its courage, its ambition, its diversity in every sense of the word — may qualify as one of those benchmarks.

  • What To Look Forward To Next Season: Well, Our Opinion

    Anticipation is one of the real joys of scanning a coming season. What follows is a completely subjective and personal list of titles we’re looking forward to (besides the return of Hamilton), some because the material is so good, some because the troupe has a strong track record, some because the premise sounds interesting.

  • Partial List Of The Coming South Florida Theater Season

    What follows is a partial list of shows listed by producing company or venue from school auditoriums to strip malls to shipping containers to 1,000-plus seat houses. It’s as complete as we could make it contingent on the cooperation of the theaters although several companies did not respond to a request for a schedule.

  • Outre Theatre Company Plans To Close After One More Show

    Outré Theatre Company, a peripatetic troupe that has specialized in contemporary plays and musicals with an edgy sensibility since 2011, is planning to produce one last show and then close in the spring, its artistic director said.

  • Empire’s Clemenza & Tessio Fleshes Out Minor Characters And Makes Them Whole

    For theater folks and movie buffs, the title is a giveaway, Clemenza & Tessio Are Dead. Those with a knowledge of theater will think of Stoppard’s Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, also Shakespeare’s duo in Hamlet, and movie fans may remember the secondary characters, Tessio and Clemenza, from 1972’s The Godfather film

  • Theatre League’s Remy Awards To Be Bestowed At Monday Gala

    South Florida Theatre League will bestow Remy Awards Monday in Fort Lauderdale, honoring “unsung heroes who provide outstanding service behind the scenes of the South Florida Theatre League Community.” Recipients include James Danford, Ed Allen and Mimi Schultz of Fantasy Theatre Factory, Artburst Miami, Miami Children’s Museum Theater Troupe, R. Kent Chambers-Wilson

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes: New City’s Macbeth

    By Bill Hirschman The ominous omens in New City Players’ energetic and passionate Macbeth actually portend promising things for South Florida theater. The rarely spoken of deficiency in offerings and performance in local theater is Shakespeare. Only a handful of …

  • Report From New York: Jake Gyllenhaal, Sturridge Ponder Meaning Of Fatherhood

    Fathers — becoming one, being one and losing one — are the connective tissue of Sea Wall/A Life, the emotional double bill of two one-acts currently at the Hudson Theatre . While the performance of movie actor Jake Gyllenhaal may be the initial draw for many theatergoers, he is not the star. The two scripts are.