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  • constell4sm

    Amadeos To Leave Florida; Plans Scrapped for New Naked Stage Venue

    Antonio and Katherine Amadeo, who separately and together championed cutting edge work through their Naked Stage company and who helped unite the local artistic community with their 24-Hour Theatre Project, plan to leave the state. Their departure ends their plans to open a new venue in West Palm Beach focused on exciting younger audiences about theater as an entertainment option.

  • normalheartsm

    Outre Delivers Harrowing Edition Of The Normal Heart

    The level of anger, helplessness and sorrow rises inexorably along with the death toll like flood waters from a storm surge in Outré Theatre Company’s shattering production of The Normal Heart. The play documenting the AIDS epidemic in New York City during the early 1980s is depicted with scorching and excoriating emotional honesty.

  • gutsm

    Evening Star’s ‘Gutenberg! The Musical’ Is Spot-On Satire

    Hats off, Evening Star Productions, for insider’s theater that is satirically spot on in the comedy Gutenberg! The Musical.

  • censoredsm

    Free Show Monday Of Snips Of Censored Plays & Musicals

    What do Cabaret, Chicago, Fun Home, Almost Maine and Angels in America have in common? Somebody somewhere has banned their production at some point. To push back, Zoetic Stage and the Dramatists’ Guild Legal Defense Fund with the Adrienne Arsht Center is producing a free staged reading of Banned Together: A Censorship Cabaret at 7 p.m. Monday at the Carnival Studio Theater at the Arsht Center.

  • circlesm

    Area Stage’s Circle Mirror Transformation Beautifully Meanders Toward Catharsis

    Circle Mirror Transformation is finally receiving its professional regional premiere by the intrepid Area Stage Co., and the disarmingly funny production is a ravishing success for Baker purists and newbies alike. It’s a more accessible introduction to her work than the other two plays while still proceeding with uncompromising naturalism.

  • roybegrudgeswaltsm

    Thinking Cap’s ‘Death of Disney’ Is Wonderful World Of Challenging Theater

    A Public Reading of an Unproduced Screenplay about the Death of Walt Disney is not easy theater, by any means, but not one that Thinking Cap would ever shy away from. Their tagline is “theatre exploding with thought” and if any play fits the mission, this one does

  • privacysm

    Collision Of Intriguing Ideas Doesn’t Delve Much Deeper In Pigs Do Fly’s Invasion Of Privacy

    Larry Parr’s Invasion of Privacy from Pigs Do Fly Productions, based on a lawsuit against Florida’s beloved Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, lays intriguing thought-provoking ideas on the table, but basically just leaves them there.

  • rothchildssm

    Stage Door’s The Rothschilds Entertains But Does Not Reach Potential To Stir The Heart

    The Broward Stage Door Theatre production of the 1970 musical The Rothschilds, about the famed family’s rise from the German ghetto to become on the wealthiest families in the world, is a reasonably diverting afternoon of theater worth a look at a show rarely produced, but its ultimate potential seems just a few steps out of reach.