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Report From New York: Something Rotten Is Far From It

From Elizabethan actors lining up ala A Chorus Line with oil paintings for their headshots, to a preening rock star Shakespeare spouting his greatest hits to a sycophantic crowd, Something Rotten is a non-stop unabashed hoot of silly, sophomoric, sometimes simply stupid feast of unalloyed hilarity.

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Report From New York: Peter And The Starcatcher Is Profligately Imaginative Tale

Peter and the Starcatcher is not, as most people think, about the magic of Peter Pan. It’s about the magic of theatricality and what theater can deliver that no other art form can. It’s less about why Peter will never grow up and more about why theater will never die. Crammed with scores upon scores of visual and aural tricks of the trade, Peter and the Starcatcher may have a few flaws, but it’s the kind of spectacle that should not be missed for those who enjoy luxuriating in the unleashed imagination of stage professionals.

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