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High at Parker Playhouse Finds Salvation in Kathleen Turner

There’s no taking your eyes off of Kathleen Turner for a minute as she commands the stage in Matthew Lombardo’s addiction-focused play High. While the star vehicle has some fairly unexceptional dialogue and a clichéd plot, which certainly contributed to its closing on Broadway a mere five days after it opened last April, Turner uses all the tricks in her veteran actress’s tool box to ensure that her audience hangs on every line. And they do. But while she is a force to be reckoned with in her role of the foul-mouthed, unconventional Sister Jamison “Jamie” Connelly, it’s not enough to lift High to angelic proportions.

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Kathleen Turner’s Commitment to Play About Addiction Stems From Her Own Past

Kathleen Turner doesn’t shy from acknowledging that her devotion to the play High, a harrowing look at the world of addiction, is somewhat rooted in her own battle with alcoholism. “I think I have some information,” she said with wry understatement on Tuesday, the day before she opens the play at the Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale. “I certainly was abusing alcohol when I was fighting RA (rheumatoid arthritis.).”

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Lombardo Play “High” About Addiction Gets Resurrection Tour With Kathleen Turner

It was surreal even by theater standards: Michael Lombardo’s drama about addiction High had broken box office records in its world premiere at Hartford’s TheaterWorks. And here they were, on opening night on Broadway in April 2011, already certain in the knowledge that the production was doomed. The result goes on display next week at Parker Playhouse, the second stop on High’s resurrection tour – this time co-produced by Lombardo.

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Playwright Matthew Lombardo’s Essay Coming Clean For “High”

This essay was written as a playwright’s note for his play High, opening this week at the Parker Playhouse.

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