Our Too Late For The Tonys Not-Trivia Quiz (Florida Edition)

Tony_Award_MedallionOkay, the Tony Awards are over but there’ still some afterglow for those who cannot get enough. Just how much of a Tony-holic are you? There are a few in here just for South Floridians including one with Andrew Kato who is disqualified from playing.


1)  Kelli O’Hara lost the Best Actress In A Musical Tony to her friend Jessie Mueller. What do Miller and O’Hara have in common besides lovely voices?

2) Kelli O’Hara (we’re not too obsessed) shares three things with Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth besides lovely voices and blonde hair. What are they?

3) Who starred in the Jefferson Mays part in the film that was based on the same book as A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder?

4) Easy one: What part time Miami Beach resident has the most Tony Awards?

5) In accepting his award for Best Play, Robert Schenkkan said, “You go a long time between drinks of water in this town.” Specifically, what was he referring to?

6 ) Another easy one: What major element of the Tony ceremony was omitted from the broadcast this year for the first time in many years?

7) Yes, the Awards are named for actress/director, Antoinette Perry, who founded the American Theater Wing. But she is really known for only other one high-profile assignment that involved James Stewart. What was the show and the job?

8) What two shows tie for holding the most nominations?

9) What straight play has had the most nominations with seven (It was nominated for 10)? Hint: Think scope.

10) What actor has the most nominations of another male colleague with eight nods but only one win? Hint: His father, an actor, had none.

11) What show has been shut out completely with the most nominations?

12) Much-honored costume designer William Ivey Long has another high-profile position. What is it?

13) One play which won a Best Play Tony originally also won Best Revival three times, in 1984, 1999, and 2012. What is it?

14) Last but not least, Andrew Kato, artistic director of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre, has worked for the Tony Awards for ten years. Name either of his titles.

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