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Maltz’ Amadeus Is Lovely To Look At, Even When You Can’t See The Actors’ Faces

Set in a gloriously decrepit 18th century theater created in the mind of an insane old man, the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of Amadeus is a visually stunning and highly inventive vision of Peter Shaffer’s meditation on whether Great Art is divinely inspired, or even if God exists. But as beautiful as the stage pictures are, it does not reach its full dramatic potential here because it’s lit like an opera – meaning you can’t see the actors acting past the seventh row.

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Maltz’s Amadeus Luxuriates In Highly Theatrical Storytelling

Maltz Jupiter theatergoers need to manage their expectations of next week’s run of the play Amadeus, better known for the film about the mediocre composer Salieri’s rivalry with Mozart. Peter Shaffer’s masterpiece is not just different, it’s better. Regardless of the quality of the production, it is a different work of art, said director Michael Gieleta and star Tom Bloom who plays the narrator and audience surrogate Salieri.

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