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Jekyll & Hyde May Split Theater Lovers But Will Please Fans

Frank Wildhorn’s Jekyll & Hyde is one of those Continental Divides in musical theater: You either love it – or tolerate it. But if you’re going to perform a work by the pioneering prince of the pop power ballad, you have to go all in, and Slow Burn has done just that.

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Slow Burn Prevails Over Difficult Chess Match

Slow Burn Theatre Company has once again tackled a difficult show in Chess that few if any Florida companies would attempt. And once again, it has come out the victor, at least as victorious as any production can be of this work that divides audiences.

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Respect Is A Musical Revue That Actually Deserves Respect

So, here’s a happy surprise: The revival of the empowerment musical Respect, A Musical Journey of Women at Boca Raton Theatre Guild is so superior to most of the ubiquitous second-rate revues that your discernment may need a double-take to make sure this show is really being done this well.

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