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Mid-Life Crisis’ Pied À Terre is “Not Your Usual Love Triangle”

Pied À Terre is billed as “Not your usual love triangle.” They can definitely say that again. Rated R for good reason, it’s chock with enough adult content it should come with a trigger warning,

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Minnie’s Boys Is Old School Musical Of The Marx Brothers

Minnie’s Boys is a light comic highly homogenized version of how stage mother Minnie Marx utzed, kvetched and kibbitzed her five sons to transform from a doomed vaudeville singing group to, well, The Marx Brothers.

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Stage Door’s Nine Nearly A Ten

Broward Stage Door’s production of the musical Nine, based on Fellini’s 8 1/2, is a fine evening of exuberant music and even more soaring voices.

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‘No Way To Treat A Lady,’ About A Serial Killer Is Just A Light Musical Comedy — Really

There have been few musicals about a homicidal maniac. As far as peppy musical comedies with the accent on comedy, there’s only been one about a schizophrenic serial killer, No Way To Treat A Lady. Broward Stage Door has taken on this off-beat tuner about a put-upon detective tracking a failed actor who dons different personas to get in the apartments of lonely ladies he plans to strangle.

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Danny Kaye Musical Entertains But Danny Himself Is AWOL

The Kid From Brooklyn, a bio-musical about Danny Kaye at Broward Stage Door, is blessed with strong singers, likable performers, a peppy period score, a fine live band, a few touching moments and other virtues – everything but one missing element. Danny Kaye.

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Collision Of Intriguing Ideas Doesn’t Delve Much Deeper In Pigs Do Fly’s Invasion Of Privacy

Larry Parr’s Invasion of Privacy from Pigs Do Fly Productions, based on a lawsuit against Florida’s beloved Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, lays intriguing thought-provoking ideas on the table, but basically just leaves them there.

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Stage Door’s The Rothschilds Entertains But Does Not Reach Potential To Stir The Heart

The Broward Stage Door Theatre production of the 1970 musical The Rothschilds, about the famed family’s rise from the German ghetto to become on the wealthiest families in the world, is a reasonably diverting afternoon of theater worth a look at a show rarely produced, but its ultimate potential seems just a few steps out of reach.

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Two Fine Performances Put A Glow On The “Other” Sondheim Revue, Putting It Together

It’s been a season of Stephen Sondheim the past 10 months or so in Florida, and Putting It Together, the musical at Broward Stage Door, puts a satisfying capstone on it as strong earnest voices tackle many songs that only addicts are aware of.

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Stage Door’s Old Jews Telling Jokes Is Catskills Cavalcade With A Bit Of Borscht Belt Blue

Old Jews Telling Jokes at Broward Stage Door is precisely what it wants to be and precisely what you think it will be. If it sounds mildly engaging, you will love it, for what they want to do, they do well. But if this isn’t your cup of kreplach, stay far away.

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Respect Is A Musical Revue That Actually Deserves Respect

So, here’s a happy surprise: The revival of the empowerment musical Respect, A Musical Journey of Women at Boca Raton Theatre Guild is so superior to most of the ubiquitous second-rate revues that your discernment may need a double-take to make sure this show is really being done this well.

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