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Maltz’s Good People Asks How We Turned Out The Way We Did

The path we take in life and the place we end up – how much of that is a matter of luck, socio-economic circumstance, and how much is a matter of choices ? The insight-laden Good People at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre intentionally doesn’t directly answer the questions. Instead, it lays out the conflicting philosophies for audiences to debate on the way home.

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Musical Shrek Is Silly Fun But Not As Satisfying As The Film

Don’t go looking for the sassy charming movie Shrek in its musical incarnation now appearing in the Broadway Across Miami tour at the Arsht Center for one week only.

Streaks of imagination and wit surface frequently, but this generally unengaging mediocrity misses the effortless irreverence in Dreamworks’ animated romance between a large green ogre and a beautiful princess.

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