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Beauty And The Beast Redux Redux Redux Still Effective

There’s a virtue, I suppose, in reliability. When you go to see something with Disney’s name in the title whether it’s the Pirates of Caribbean Ride in Orlando, Anaheim, Toyko or Paris, you know what you’re getting. So it is with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast making what is likely its seventh visit to South Florida,.

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Disney’s Precisely Manufactured Beauty And The Beast Tour Can Still Charm An Audience

This sharply honed, finely tuned, precisely executed national tour of Beauty and the Beast piece of theater inexplicably does not seem stale. If there isn’t an overflowing sense of soul pouring from the stage, no one is coasting; everyone is throwing every shred of craft they possess into it. You know it works because the opening night audience went crazy at the curtain call.

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Broadway at Broward: Beauty and the Beast Still Lovely

The facile and sophisticated pose would be to sneer at the sentiment and, yes, manipulative facets of the new tour of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast gracing the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. But the inescapable fact is this refurbished and re-imagined production has rediscovered some of the loveliness and magic that the road has worn off earlier appearances.

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