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Theatre Lab’s Quiet Muted ‘Harlowe:’ Healing And Feeling

Theatre Lab’s world premiere of Jennifer Lane’s Harlowe is indeed quiet, muted, dense. The titular heroine, who is coping with the emotional and literal scars from some horrific attack, can no longer feel anything, psychologically or physically. The writing, the direction and the acting all are commendable, but it’s a quirky sui generis piece that is hard to plug into emotionally.

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Dry Powder Paints Merciless Portrait Of The Conscienceless

Dry Powder, GableStage’s excoriating tour that delves into the barren ethical landscape of big business is an unsparing drama whose copious humor comes from one character’s blithely limitless ability to do anything to maximize the bottom line with absolutely no concern for the human cost of her proposals.

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