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Riverside’s Smokey Joe’s Cafe – A Magical Night of Music

There’s a party going on at the Riverside Theatre where the jukebox is smokin’! The nostalgic revue Smokey Joe’s Cafe celebrates the music of Leiber and Stoller, whose tunes influenced American music with their crossover style in the 1950’s and 1960’s, by successfully introducing rhythm and blues to traditional pop music audiences.

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Slow Burn’s Aida May Not Top Your Wish List, But The Pop Opera Burns Down The House

If American Idol produced a Broadway musical with choreography often found behind a diva in a stadium tour, the result would resemble Slow Burn Theatre Company’s production of Aida. The result is often entertaining and occasionally moving. But the entire effort is unapologetically drenched in a late ‘90s pop sensibility that is by turns earnest and kitschy, insightful and shallow, deft and manipulative.

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