Formal Training Available For Adults To Learn Backstage Skills

Theatre Music and TicketsBy Patti Roth

Educators and theater professionals in South Florida partnered to establish a relatively speedy training program for adult students interested in learning the ropes of working backstage.

The Stage Production program, a workforce education program, focuses on the basics of installing lighting, setting up scenery and other behind-the-scenes tasks. It’s designed to provide students age 18 and older the background for entry-level work in theaters and various other production gigs.

Topics range from theater jargon to running a forklift. The hands-on lessons include basic tasks that general stage hands often use, including electrical and mechanical work.

Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood, which is part of Broward Public Schools, launched the nine-week program in August, and is offering another session in October.

Educators worked with representatives of Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale to design a program that suits industry demands for entry-level workers in the production field, said Tom Moncilovich, assistant director of Sheridan Technical Center. A key player was Christopher Jahn, production supervisor at the Broward Center.

Students pay about $930 for the program, which includes fees. No previous education or experience in the industry is required. For information, call (754) 321-5400 or visit


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