In Memoriam: Remembering Those We Lost in 2020-2021

Time as well as the pandemic have robbed the South Florida theater community of so many beloved and respected colleagues. The loss in 2020-2021 was not only to fellow artists, but to the patrons who valued their contributions to the fabric of the artistic and cultural life here. We take a moment to say thank you to each.


Joseph Adler, director, producer, actor, GableStage / April 2020

Michael Aman, playwright (Poz) / May 2021

Linda Bernhard, actress / July 2021

Zev Bufman, producer, developer and founder of Broadway national tours, the Coconut Grove Playhouse and Parker Playhouse / April 2020

Ellen Davis, educator, director, actress, Carbonell voter / September 2021

Mark Duncan, actor, educator, director / October 2021

Alvin Entin, producer-actor / October 2020

Amanda Iglesias, dresser, tech crew, box office, stagehand, Miami New Drama / June 2021

Jane Kelly, director, Actors Workshop of South Florida / 2020

Ron Levitt, co-founder of Silver Palm Awards, critic, Carbonell judge  / December 2020

Peter Librach, actor-producer / January 2021

Jan McArt, actress, producer, director / January 2021

Jeff Ostrow, stage manager, dancer, president of Hollywood Playhouse / January 2020

Jessica Peterson, actress / April 2021

Jane Pole, stage manager /  October 2021

Paul Reekie, musical director / October 2020

Tom Regnier, actor, attorney, Shakespearean scholar, Carbonell judge/ April 2020

Wayne E. Robinson Jr., actor, director, educator/ August 2020

Rich Simone, director, producer, actor / October 2020

Ben Solmor, choreographer / January 2020

Matthew Tarantino, behind the scenes with MNM Theatre Company / November 2021

Danny Weathers, former managing artistic director at Waterfront Playhouse/ August 2021

George Wentzler, photographer, videographer, actor / December 2019

Bill Yule, actor-director / December 2021

Elayne Wilks, actress / September 2021

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