Our Special Series On The Present And Future Of South Florida Theater

Florida Theater On Stage is taking a step back in the brief lull in the season to analyze the present and future of South Florida theater in some depth.

We’re celebrating our first anniversary with a special series of three essays that we hope will prompt the theater community — artists and audiences alike – to examine crucial questions as the region reaches a crossroads: Who are we? Where do we want to go? What’s standing in our way? How do we prevail?

We suggest concrete answers in three extensive essays posted here last week. The opinions are ours, but they result from more than 30 lengthy interviews and dozens of shorter ones with professionals in the region and across the country. In the first part, (click here) we define precisely what South Florida theater is and can be. The second (click here)  dissects the handicaps, shortcomings and challenges. The third (click here) offers potential solutions.

We hope you’ll take the time, print out the stories if need be, and read them with your feet up. It’s unlikely you’ll agree with half of what is suggested. Some observations will seem obvious. Some may even be wrong. Some may get you angry. Good. We’re throwing chum in the water to start an overdue conversation in lobbies, dressing rooms, board rooms and cyberspace. Talk back to us. We want your signed responses in the comments sections at the end of the articles, or in your own essays that we will consider editing and publishing if you send them to bill@floridatheateronstage.com.

We hope you find these essays entertaining and thought-provoking, just like you want your theater to be.

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