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Report From New York: Lithgow’s Turn As The Columnist Is A Report From 1963

How do handle an era which is vibrantly alive in the memories of older audience members yet only an antiseptic chapter in a textbook to younger audiences? David Auburn’s play The Columnist does not mean to deal directly with those issues. But they nag at audiences for whom Auburn’s recreation of the pre- and post-Camelot Era of politics either needs nothing but a few passing references for some patrons or an entire dramaturg’s background essay for others.

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Dramaworks’ Proof Is Intelligent Examination Of Intelligent People Who Can’t Cope With People Intelligently

The messiness of human relations as opposed to the precision of science is one of the underlying themes of David Auburn’s Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Proof, enjoying a solid production at Palm Beach Dramaworks. Although set in the milieu of mathematical theorists exploring the abstract mysteries of science, the real truth-seeking is the audience-accessible but far murkier mysteries of the heart.

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