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StageBill: If The Carbonells Only Had A Couple More Slots

The Carbonell Awards ceremony falls on April Fools’ Day (restrain your quips), But that also means it’s time for the annual grousing column about nominations.That said, I wish the judges had the ability to expand the list of nominees by one or two slots at will. So here is my personal “Youze wuz robbed” list.

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Experience Death and Harry Houdini At Arsht Center Before It Disappears

There couldn’t be a more fitting space for The House Theatre of Chicago to bring its production of Death and Harry Houdini to South Florida than the Carnival Studio Theater at the Adrienne Arsht Center. The biographical play/magic show embraces the most famous magician of all time’s mad-as-a-hatter life. It brings to the front that mysterious element of “carny,” taking audiences on the journey from his early career as a card-trickster in a sideshow to a household name.

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Arsht and Chicago Company Hope Death & Harry Houdini Mixes Theatrical Magic

The melding of narrative metaphors and stage magic are emblematic of the spectacle infused in the play Death and Harry Houdini, another imagistic work from the House Theatre of Chicago and the Arsht Center for the Performing Arts opening this week. Last year, Arsht vice president Scott Shiller brought the House production of The Sparrow to Miami, notable for its highly stylized brew of acting, video, music, singing, lighting, sound and imaginative staging.

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