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Run the Race With GableStage

Lawyers banter about innocence and justice in David Mamet’s incendiary play at GableStage, but the characters don’t bother to dissect long-decided issues about how the judicial system’s sausage is made. The title of the play and the real subject is Race. The double-helix construction of the twisting dialogue underscores Mamet’s thesis that bogus baggage of race relations subverts any meaningful discussion of seemingly straight ahead subjects as innocence and justice.

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M Ensemble’s Harlem Duet Is Thought-Provoking But Wildly Uneven Look at Race and Sex

Playwright Djanet Sears has crafted an intriguing contemplation of the intersection of the macro issue of race on the micro-dynamics of an individual marriage in Harlem Duet. But Sears’ insightful script gets a hodgepodge treatment in M Ensemble’s production. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Lowell Williams, this edition is by turns subtle and overly-melodramatic, illuminating and opaque, clear and confusing.

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GableStage’s Motherf**ker Is Hilarious, Gritty, Profane and Thought-Provoking

Editor’s Note: We’re in high theater season when we have three to five openings a week. If you don’t find the review you’re looking for in the center column, check out the list of recent reviews in the upper left-hand …

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