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Lightning Bolt’s Showcases Hair’s Best & Worst Tendencies

Hair is a weird show, and not because the characters are weird. To the contrary, the flower children of the Vietnam era, which it explores with both affection and criticism, have arguably aged more into the mainstream after decades of the liberalization of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, and new age spirituality. Hair is strange because of the shambolic structure , as neither a fully sung-through musical nor a traditional, book-driven story.

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Once More With Feeling, A Local ‘Hair’ Cavorts At The Kravis

Hair never was and isn’t now accurate reportage on the 1968 counter-culture,any more than Oklahoma was a faithful account of homesteading on the eve of statehood. But what the raw material got right and MNM Productions’ engaging edition gets right at the Kravis Center is the infectious vitality, youthful optimism and the genuine sense of communal love.

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