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New City Players’ It’s A Wonderful Life Is Indeed

In the 21st Century, the adjective “merry” has fallen out of use except in conjunction with a holiday. But “merry” is precisely the right word to describe the brew of warmth and humor in New City Players’ smile of a production in It’s A Wonderful Life. While staged as a radio play, this production involves three-dimensional acting by five real-life performers who portray the 50 or so characters.

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For One Day, Delray Beach Becomes Bedford Falls For Arts Garage’s Radio Theater Series

Arts Garage staged It’s A Wonderful Life as part of its Radio Theatre series, which kicked off in August with the radio play adaptation of A Star Is Born. Eight actors, plus two sound effects “actors” performed the play for one day only — a shame really that such a worthwhile production only had a matinee and evening performance. But others are on the calendar.

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