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Choice, Politics & Dreams In 1964 Haiti In ‘Cry Old Kingdom’ From New City Players

Jeff Augustin’s incisive tragedy Cry Old Kingdom from New City Players provides an embarrassingly rare look for Florida mainstream theater into Haiti’s past. With passion – repressed then explosive, the play depicts with unapologetic clarity how people struggled to deal with the horrifying despotism of Duvalier in 1964.

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New City Players’ It’s A Wonderful Life Is Indeed

In the 21st Century, the adjective “merry” has fallen out of use except in conjunction with a holiday. But “merry” is precisely the right word to describe the brew of warmth and humor in New City Players’ smile of a production in It’s A Wonderful Life. While staged as a radio play, this production involves three-dimensional acting by five real-life performers who portray the 50 or so characters.

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The Merchant of Venice Reinterpreted Through Lens of Race, Time and Place

Darius Daughtry and Grace Arts Center reimagine The Merchant of Venice in 1940s Fort Lauderdale to examine tensions when when infighting exists within the African American community.

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Nothing is Simple in Boca Stage’s Thought-Provoking Luna Gale

Social workers face tragedies in which there may be no satisfying solutions and in which the warring parties truly want “what’s best for the child.” Those dilemmas echo larger questions in which we all seek to choose the best path in a world of complexity and limited options. Such is the core of Luna Gale virtually defining “a thought-provoking play,” receiving an engrossing production at Boca Stage.

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Dire Ecology & Economy Eclipsed By Relationship Challenges in New City Players’ Lungs

The protagonists’ primary fear in Lungs — bringing a child into an environmentally crumbling world and an economy in freefall – is secondary to the challenging script’s focus: examining the fragility and tensile strength of relationships – both given a solid production by New City Players.

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