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Slow Burn’s Heathers Sings To The Teenage Misfit In Us All

You know you wanted to murder some abusive soul-crushing bullies and snobs when you were in high school. Heathers knows it and wants to liberate your daydream. So do the cool kids and not-so-cool kids at Slow Burn Theatre Company giving a hilarious don’t-miss production of the 2014 off-Broadway musical version of the 1988 cult classic film.

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Report From New York: Heathers The Musical Is Absolute Hoot Destined To Play South Florida

Coming to a theater near you in South Florida within a year or two – if it takes even that long – is Heathers: The Musical. It is closing off-Broadway, but it is destined to be a ubiquitous hit across this country whether it’s mounted by companies like Slow Burn Theatre encouraging a younger audience or even drama departments in progressive high schools.

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