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Aesop’s Fable-ous Xmas Tree Gifts Tales To Celebrate

In Aesop’s Fable-ous Christmas Tree at Main Street Players, Aesop’s fables receive a holiday spin in vignettes illuminating important life lessons by reinventing the classic fables. Humor, rhythmic elements, rapping, puppetry, poetry, song, and storytelling combine to create a vivacious and humorous afternoon or evening of live theater.

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A Puerile Underpants Is Challenging Sell for Main Street Players’ Likable Cast

Conjuring the lowbrow folderol of an early 20th century burlesque, Steve Martin’s adaptation of this 1910 German sex comedy Underpants performed by Main Street Players is all too quaint for our hedonistic age, with our ever-loosening broadcast standards and our debauched president.

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