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Maltz’s Born Yesterday Is A Progressive Take On A Classic Didactic 1940s Comedy

Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s season-opening rendition of Born Yesterday can’t pave over the script’s glaring weaknesses, but it amplifies the source material’s progressive strengths. Director Peter Flynn has mounted a handsome and drum-tight production anchored by a pair of note-perfect leads.

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Maltz’s Kiss Me, Kate Is Witty And Romantic Throwback

The Maltz’s 2016 production of a 1948 classic Kiss Me Kate is a skilled homage to that post-war period of theater when everyone knew which war you were talking about. A mixture of classic theater tropes leavened with a sophisticated satirical tone, this musical-within-a-musical-within-a-musical often lets its then-hip veneer slip to expose a lushly romantic soul.

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Maltz’s Other Desert Cities Struggles In Arid First Half But Delivers Wrenching Second Act

All through the engrossing and ultimately wrenching second act of the Maltz Jupiter Theatre’s production of Other Desert Cities, one question screamed for an answer: Where were you people in the first act? The competent cast slogs through the exposition until they finally get create plausible characters in the second act.

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