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Jolt Productions’ First Musical Is Winning ‘The Wedding Singer’

The Wedding Singer musical is a lively winning goofball vibe poking good-natured fun at that geological era known as “The ‘80s” in the inaugural offering of Jolt Productions, a professional company in Boca Raton.

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Slow Burn’s Wedding Singer May Be A Trifle But It’s A Cute Hoot

fSlow Burn Theatre Company’s daffy production of the summer trifle The Wedding Singer feels like a sweet, sloppy kiss from a scruffy dog that could really use a trip to the groomer, but who’s lovable all the same. What this silly smile of a show undeniably lacks in polish and consistency, its cast makes up for with grinning enthusiasm and goofball abandon

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Adam Who? Slow Burn’s The Wedding Singer And Clay Cartland Do It Their Way

There’s not one but two elephants in the room, actually in the auditorium, as Slow Burn Theatre Company prepares to take on the 2006 stage musical version of The Wedding Singer , which opens Friday for a brief two-weekend run in Boca Raton.

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