Stagebill’s Blog: A Crossroads for the Carbonell Awards

It is time for everyone on all sides to put up or shut up. For the past few years, concerns about the Carbonell Awards have grown among many members of the South Florida theater community. The opportunity now is here do something about it. Here’s how.

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StageBill Blog: Feeding Your Habit When There’s No Theater

For lovers of live theater, this “intermission” in communal gathering creates a hunger for more than online bare bones performances from the camera in someone’s cellphone. But there is an easy and often free venue offering unlimited production values and memorable tour de forces.

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Stagebill Blog: Triumph And Tragedy — 2018 In SoFla Theater

Breathtaking tour de forces, heartbreaking tragedies on stage and in real life, shows you’ve never heard of and shows you’ve seen three times too often, troupes taking chances – some resulting in triumphs, some not landing too well: 2018 was another year to remember in this look back on South Florida theater.

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StageBill Blog: Shows I Wish Someone Would Produce Here & Some Casting Ideas UPDATED

In looking over my huge collection of play scripts, I kept coming across shows I either have seen and am anxious to see undertaken by a local company, or titles I’ve read but never seen – and really want to. When I hit the lottery, the Florida Theater On Stage Players will undertake them all. We already daydream about some local professionals we’d cast.

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StageBill’s Blog: Time To Crack Down On Audience Misbehavior

It is long past time for theaters and theater patrons to come down hard on audience members who text, talk incessantly, photograph set designs, video production numbers, check messages from their daughter-in-law, unwrap candy and Christmas presents, eat entire Kentucky Fried Chicken dinners, change babies, sing along off key and other thoughtless, self-centered and disruptive behavior during a production

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StageBill Blog: Random Thoughts On The Tony Awards

As I sat watching a cat food commercial Sunday night, knowing that someone who has worked their whole life for recognition was being honored off camera, it became clear that something needs to be done about the Tony Awards telecast.

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StageBill: If The Carbonells Only Had A Couple More Slots

The Carbonell Awards ceremony falls on April Fools’ Day (restrain your quips), But that also means it’s time for the annual grousing column about nominations.That said, I wish the judges had the ability to expand the list of nominees by one or two slots at will. So here is my personal “Youze wuz robbed” list.

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StageBill: Why Passing On Attending Opening Night May Be A Better Idea

In theater, that most mutable and evolving art form, the passage of time is the forgotten factor in what the audiences see. So while having critics review a show opening night is unavoidable, even necessary, it’s also problematic. What a patron sees a week or three later in run may not be what the opening night audience saw.

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StageBill Blog: Here’s To Savoring The Joy Of Discovery

Audience members have few joys as pungent as discovery. Which brings us to the fledgling Outré Theatre Company and Tuesday night’s staged reading of the ink-black comic drama Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead at Empire Stage– and Outré’s reading in May of the chamber musical tick…tick…BOOM.

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StageBill Blog: It’s Not All Darkness Out There

As the music swelled Monday at Outré Theatre Company’s concert production of tick…tick…BOOM!, a thought kept interfering with my becoming completely lost in Jonathan Larson’s chamber musical. There’s hope.

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