Joint is Jumpin’ At Broward Stage Door’s 5 Guys Named Moe

This production of Five Guys Named Moe is an energetic romp with some of the most energized performers to burn up the floorboards at Broward Stage Door. The joint is most definitely jumpin’.

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Film Version Of Sondheim-Lapine’s Into The Woods Is Holiday Wish Come True

If you can accept that film is a different storytelling medium from theater, this version of Into The Woods is not only faithful to Sondheim and Lapine’s vision of darkness and light, it actually clarifies and deepens the musical’s themes and narrative. This present opening Christmas Day is an unalloyed triumph.

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Miracle On South Division Street: Comedy Is Surprising Gift

Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre’s production of ,Miracle on South Division Street has all the makings to become a perennial holiday comedy favorite.

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Uggams’ Glorious Voice Is Primary Virtue In Sluggish Mame

Whenever Leslie Uggams lets loose that glorious voice, whenever the live band swings into one of Jerry Herman’s standards, the Wick Theatre’s production of Mame is an irresistible pleasure. But when the music stops, so does the show. The non-musical scenes – and some of the musical ones – just lie there on the stage limp and colorless.

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Young Cast Displays Talent In Crest Theatre’s First Musical, A Mirror Edition of A Chorus Line

Delray Beach Center for the Arts’ first in-house theater production, A Chorus Line, delivers a faithful recreation with young local talent, although it’s almost a carbon copy of the original.

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Sins Of The Father…And Mother In Dramaworks’ Witty, Moving, Deftly Acted My Old Lady

Israel Horovitz’s My Old Lady at Palm Beach Dramaworks is a cornucopia of delightful wordplay and an insightful examination of human relationships, featuring superb performances by Estelle Parsons, Angelica Page and Tim Altmeyer

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Sunset Baby & Makeba Pace Produce Scorching, Scalding Theater At Primal Forces

More than a dozen shows are open and a lot of holiday/family demands are battling for space on your calendar. But shoehorn in Primal Force’s stunning production of a scorching play few have heard of, Sunset Baby, by a playwright few have heard of, Dominique Morisseau.

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Speaking Verse Needs Work, But Outre’s Othello Is Praise-Worthy Undertaking From Outre

Audiences need to savor the undeniable virtues of local Shakespearean productions — even when counter-balanced by well-intentioned but equally undeniable shortcomings. Such is the case with the laudable Outré Theatre Company production of Othello imaginatively directed by Christina Groom and featuring Troy Davidson in a persuasive central performance.

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Fiddling About: The Maltz Again Reinvents A Classic Musical

Director Marcia Milgrom Dodge triumphed reinventing Hello Dolly! in 2012; this time she hasn’t been quite as unassailably successful, but the overall evening grows on you as it swells into a moving second act, in part because the music, lyrics and script are so strong that it cannot possibly fail when executed by such a first-rate cast and creative team.

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Theater Shelf: Gift Guide To CDs & Books For Your Theater Junkie

Puzzled what to give that theater fan for the holidays. Check out Brad Hathaway’s suggestions. And of course, a season subscription is always welcome.

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