Well-Acted If Flawed Look At Race In Gospel According To Jerry At New Theatre

Sometimes when the company is engaging, it doesn’t matter whether the journey itself is a little bumpy or overly-familiar. Such is the power of winning performances by Christina Alexander and John Manzelli under Stephen Neal’s direction in New Theatre’s production on The Gospel According To Jerry.

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Strife Over Faith, Heritage Devastates A Family In GableStage’s Searing Bad Jews

As if it was even needed, molten lava in the guise of scalding verbal acrimony ravages the apartment where incendiary family strife already was poised to detonate into devastation in GableStage’s uproarious and upsetting Bad Jews.

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The Phantom Rises Again In Retooled Edition, Still Lush And Lovely If Missing Something

For all the derision and adoration that the basic material has engendered over 28 years, the thoroughly-retooled The Phantom of the Opera gliding over a fog-shrouded lake into the Broward Center remains a sturdy craft buoyed by a soaring muscular score delivered by a talented crew.

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Report From New York: Margulies Echoes Chekhov In Well-Built The Country House

Donald Margulies’ The Country House riffs on Chekhov’s The Seagull but stands as its own as a compassionately sad-funny portrait of an emotional landscape.

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FGO’s Madama Butterfly Soars Thanks to Diva’s Performance

In 2014, no one should be able to make the ludicrous thrust of Madama Butterfly remotely credible, yet Florida Grand Opera’s 74th season opener produces a perfectly plausible tale of an abandoned woman’s impossible devotion to a love unworthy of her goodness. Much of this is due Kelly Kaduce’s enchanting performance.

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Stage Door’s Old Jews Telling Jokes Is Catskills Cavalcade With A Bit Of Borscht Belt Blue

Old Jews Telling Jokes at Broward Stage Door is precisely what it wants to be and precisely what you think it will be. If it sounds mildly engaging, you will love it, for what they want to do, they do well. But if this isn’t your cup of kreplach, stay far away.

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Boca Theatre Guild’s Everyday Rapture Captivates Musically, Speck of a Story Less Appealing

Boca Raton Theatre Guild’s Everyday Rapture is bliss and it’s the reason to get yourself to the Willow Theatre. Jodie Langel, Ann Marie Olson and Leah Sessa possess some of the best voices you’ll hear in Florida musical theater. Yet no matter how hard they try to sell it, the work itself never really hits a peak.

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Family, Science, Feminism Evolve In Arts Garage’s Stimulating “The How And The Why”

Fine acting and direction elevate a script that navigates intellectual mazes and human emotions in The How and the Why at Theatre At Arts Garage.

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Dashed American Dream at the Center of Zoetic Stage’s Marvelously Rich “Detroit”

Detroit, Lisa D’Amour’s finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, is a thought-provoking piece of theater. The Zoetic Stage production finds its own complex groove in Detroit to present a must see in Miami.

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Sumptuous, Entertaining Reboot Is Lovely But Not Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella is a lush, imaginative and polished production nearly guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages. That said, if you’re looking for Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella in “Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella,” you’re going to have to look very, very hard in the new tour.

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