How South Florida Musicians Fuse In One Day To Play In Broadway Tour Pit Bands

Shadowing the 18-hour day when local musicians are first thrown together to rehearse and play opening night of the Miami visit of the national tour of Evita — a job requiring skill, stamina, concentration and discipline to sound as if they have played it together for months.

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Looking For Work In SoFla Arts? Arsht New Web Site Lists Jobs For Free To Stop Brain Drain

The Arsht Center is t trying to keep talent in South Florida. They created MiamiArtsJobs.com, a job portal dedicated to helping find employees for Miami’s growing cultural institutions and showcasing great opportunities for people who want careers in all facets of the arts but aren’t sure where to go to find them.

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Talkin’ In The Green Room With…. Ron Hutchins

Lithe and graceful, Ron Hutchins stands out in any theater lobby on opening night, often noticeable for a quiet laugh that sounds like it’s coming up out of a coal chute in the basement. But he’s obviously most comfortable sculpting a dance routine out of human raw materials whether they are highly accomplished professionals or, as often happens, raw young students.

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Talkin’ In The Green Room With…. Michael Leeds

Michael Leeds is a director, teacher, actor, dancer and songwriter, but this interview shows he is a raconteur with a storehouse of stories ranging from the woman who did an I Love Lucy bit for her audition, to the time he may have upstaged Elizabeth Taylor while wearing a panda suit.

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How To Gain 600 Pounds In Five Minutes: Gablestage’s The Whale

A five-foot tall assembly of beige bags hangs in the corner of Gablestage’s cramped communal dressing room, vaguely shaped like a tan version of the marshmallow monster from Ghostbusters. No one has yet christened this fat suit created for The Whale, but even without actor Gregg Weiner inside it, it feels like it’s a character.

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H2OMBRE Immerses Arsht Financially And Creatively In Immersion Theater

Despite the more headline-grabbing 6,000 gallons of water, the significance of the Arsht’s H2HOMBRE is that the public-private venue is cementing its commitment to a brand of imagistic, sensory-laden and non-traditional performance art that has been mounted in South Florida before, but not on this double-or-nothing scale.

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PPTOPA Aims To Win Added Respect with Massive Les Miz

Pembroke Pines Theatre of the Performing Arts is laboring to make its massive and expensive production of the epic Les Miserables a rebuke to silence those who dismiss community theater sight unseen.

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Talkin’ In The Green Room With…. Nick Duckart

Three-time Carbonell winner Nick Duckart has been a rapping Dominican-American bodega owner, a Palestinian terrorist, a Polish-American assassin, and the Egyptian Pharaoh in Joseph and the… well you know. One agent called him “ethnically ambiguous.” He dances the merengue, owns every episode of I Love Lucy and spills some secrets including recalling a disastrous nude scene.

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Veteran Actor William Parry Embraces Zorba In Palm Beach Dramaworks Staged Concert

As he relates the philosophy of his title character in the musical Zorba, William Parry’s acting chops are so second-nature that he probably doesn’t realize that a slight Greek accent is slipping into his warm deep baritone and a brio is filling the small, hot conference room at Palm Beach Dramaworks.

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Our Too Late For The Tonys Not-Trivia Quiz (Florida Edition)

Okay, the Tony Awards are over but there’ still some afterglow for those who cannot get enough. Just how much of a Tony-holic are you? There are a few in here just for South Floridians including one with Andrew Kato who is disqualified from playing.

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