Outré Theatre Premieres Silent Movie Musical ‘Bed and Sofa,’ Adding Its Own Touches

Perhaps if Rent hadn’t eclipsed everything that arrived in New York in 1996, maybe Bed and Sofa would have received the attention it deserved, in the eyes of Skye Whitcomb who is directing Outré Theatre Company’s “silent movie amber opera” B in its Southeastern premiere at the Broward Center.

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Canada’s Shaw Festival Offers Possible Avenue For South Florida Theaters To Explore

After seeing seven shows in a week this summer, the overarching lesson that the venerable Shaw festival in Canada has to teach South Florida theaters is jazz.

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Find A Theater Heaven For Tourists At Shaw Festival At Lovely Niagara-on-the Lake

If someone was designing a heaven on earth for theater lovers, they might not have to go farther for a blueprint than the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-Lake in early summer.

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Ali MacGraw And Ryan O’Neal Are Together Again For The First Time In Love Letters Next Week

Interviewing Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal, or trying to, about their upcoming national tour of Love Letters that kicks off in Fort Lauderdale next week seems almost churlishly interfering with a warm reunion of old friends.

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Texting & Scrolling Messages During SoFla Shows Becoming As Egregious As Ringing Phones

South Florida Theater patrons checking and responding to email during a performance has mushroomed in recent years, but it reached a high water mark last week indicating a worsening of the collision of technology, performance art, the obsession with staying connected and the etiquette of communal interaction.

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Our Ultimate Theater Geek Trivia Contest: Tony Edition

After a theater season in South Florida with four, five even six openings in a single weekend, the production metabolism slows down this summer to only a dozen openings in a month — which gives us a chance to entertain you with some of our lighter features. So here, once again, is the latest installment of our patented theater geek trivia contest.

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The Answers To Another Theater Geek Trivia Contest

No peeking! Here are the answers to the latest installment of our patented theater geek trivia contest. This one is tied to the recent Tony Awards and the arrival next month of Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal in Love Letters at the Broward

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Chicago Audiences On Their Feet For Estefans’ On Your Feet

By Bill Hirschman The initial reviews are promisingly positive for Wednesday’s world premiere in Chicago of the new Broadway-bound musical On Your Feet! which retells the life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, who popularized Cuban-American pop music around the …

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The Magnificents Is Theatrical Ode To Classic Magic At Arsht

By Michelle F. Solomon If the House Theater of Chicago’s Death and Harry Houdini was about neglecting life in the pursuit of conquering death, The Magnificents is the other side of the coin. “The Magnificents is about a guy who …

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John Rubinstein & Pippin: I’ve Heard That Song Somewhere

Déjà vu is inevitable for John Rubinstein as he portrays the father of the title protagonist in Pippin revival’s national tour coming to the Broward Center next week. After all, Rubinstein created the young man’s role in his Broadway debut 42 years ago. So while he’s on stage acting in one show, another one sometimes nibbles at his consciousness.

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