Outre’s Bed & Sofa Is Uneasy Mix Of Opera, Silent Film, Theater

The collision of two never-subtle art forms in Bed and Sofa is certainly intriguing as befits Outré Theatre Company’s mission of fearlessly pushing the boundaries of theater, thanks in part to the commitment of Outré’s directors and performers. But this bizarre entry never lands solidly.

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Don’t Wait To See Thinking Cap’s Waiting For Waiting For Godot

In Thinking Cap Theatre’s Waiting For Waiting For Godot, the absurdity of life is moved from the center stage spotlight of Samuel Beckett’s play in progress to the dingy dark wings where two understudies are waiting in vain to go on.

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Ground Up’s Harrowing Vincent River Among The Season’s Best

Stop what you’re doing. Really. Go online right now and reserve tickets to see Ground Up and Rising’s harrowing and moving Vincent River, inarguably one of the best productions of the season

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Theo Reyna’s Lazy Fair Provides Offbeat Riff On Money & Greed

In Mad Cat Theatre Company’s world premiere of Lazy Fair, Theo Reyna’s drily funny treatise on greed, Money – or actually The Spirit of Money – droll deadpan humor suffuses this spoofy hoot.

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Dramaworks’ 110 In The Shade Is Straight From The Heart

The modern musical has its glories, but none unabashedly embrace pure feeling in quite the way Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt did in the 1960s. So be thankful for Palm Beach Dramaworks’ concert” series’ courageous celebration of heartfelt sentiment in 110 In The Shade.

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Uneven But Unsettling “Bug:” This Is How The World Ends — With A Bang And A Whimper

Evening Star and Infinite Abyss co-produce Tracy Letts’ surreal depiction of spiraling paranoia complete with copious amount of blood in an edition that slogs too slowly too long but ratchets up into an emotional and psychological fireball of horror.

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Shorts Gone Wild Is Rainbow Of Gay-Themed Plays For Everyone

If the context of the eight sketches in Shorts Gone Wild 3 is primarily gay-centric, the material and performances have markedly improved year after year until it has reached a high-water mark in the series’ quality.

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The Wick’s Peter Pan Soars When The Music’s Playing

The Wick Theatre’s lush Peter Pan is thrilling whenever it breaks into song, spinning spell of gently whimsical fantasy. Otherwise, with a few notable exceptions, it settles for being a modestly entertaining evening worth bringing your kids or just yourself if you don’t have kids.

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Can We Dish? Sit Down Next To Sue Mengers In I’ll Eat You Last

I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers at GableStage is an acerbically delicious cross between a gossip fest and a memoir of the legendary Hollywood super-agent of the 1970s, brought to life by the exquisite Laura Turnbull under Michael Leeds’ deft direction.

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MNM Revue Stresses The Stories Behind The Songs In Side By Side By Sondheim

Simply, MNM Productions’ effort may be the best production of Side by Side by Sondheim seen in South Florida or many other places. Four superb performers act the dramatic, psychological and emotional guts out of these numbers; the result was often moving and stimulating renditions of theater songs about specific people in specific situations rather than disembodied “numbers.”

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