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August Wilson’s Fences Is Moving But Not Volcanic Edition

The power of storytelling – swapping tales on the porch or watching a familial drama unfold on stage – is the keystone of AAPACT’s production of August Wilson’s Fences. The earnest edition noticeably lacks the Shakespearean power of other productions, but the accretion of calamities grows through its second act until the audience is moved by the tragedy.

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AAPACT’s Anne & Emmett Finds Footing In Common Ground

Janet Langhart Cohen’s play, Anne & Emmett, this notion of imagination and introduction paves the way for a stirring play about intolerance and two people from decidedly different backgrounds who discover that they share a lot more in common than they or the audience could ever imagine, presented by the African American Performing Arts Community Theatre, Inc.

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AAPACT’s Amen Corner Is Flawed But Passionate Look at Faith And Organized Religion

AAPACT’S ambitious The Amen Corner is earnest and heartfelt although most of the time, the characters and their tragic spiral simply don’t feel genuine or organic. But every 20 minutes or so in this 2 ½-hour evening, the actors dig into their marrow and slingshot the play from pedestrian performances into an affecting truth that clutches the audience’s heart.

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AAPACT Dutchman Starts Too Slowly; Finishes In Blazing Anger

The script of Dutchman, Amiri Bakara’s classic 1964 play of racial and sexual politics, crackles with the explosive rage that Langston Hughes’ predicted in “A Dream Deferred.” The fact that this production doesn’t find that passion or electricity until two-thirds of the way through the 40-minute play doesn’t prevent the audience from appreciating Bakara’s themes or enjoying the laudable aspirations of the ambitious production.

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