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Silver Palm Theatre Awards Announces 28 Honorees

The South Florida Silver Palm Theatre Awards committee honoring theatrical excellence in South Florida will present the award to 28 individuals and organizations in its ninth season. Recipients range from veterans like Joseph Adler to newer names like Aygemang Clay.

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Archive of BECON-TV’s Panel Show: Spotlight On The Arts

Spotlight On The Arts is a weekly panel discussion of issues facing the local creative community and their audiences, featuring an irreverent group including actress/teacher/producer Iris Acker, actor/playwright/designer Michael McKeever, actress/writer Karen Stephens and critic Bill Hirschman. Guests so far include Christopher Demos-Brown, Michael Leeds, Stephanie Ansin and Jennifer Cronenberg

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Light-Hearted Spotlight On The Arts TV Show Debuts Next Week

Iris Acker has transformed her 25-year-old interview TV series into a no-holds-barred and light-hearted panel discussion of thought-provoking topics with Ms. Acker leading an irreverent group including Karen Stephens, Michael McKeever and Bill Hirschman

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Talkin’ In The Green Room With Myself (And Patti Gardner Etc.)

When actress Patti Gardner suggested that it would only be fair if I was on the receiving end of a Green Room questionnaire, I took refuge in the journalist’s centuries-old rationalization : .” just like to watch.” But she persisted with a single-mindedness that would make Christiane Amanpour envious, to the point of collecting questions from folks across the profession. So I agreed, so long as I could edit out questions about my obsession with Angora sweaters and any reference to those embarrassing videos involving Giant Pandas.

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