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Thinking Cap Hosts Comic Daffiness In The Book Of Liz

A naïve young woman from an isolated religious cult called the Squeamish (think Amish) finds herself in an oversized Mr. Peanut outfit on a highway giving the finger to honking motorists. Such daffy nonsense is indicative of the delightful satire in Thinking Cap Theatre’s The Book of Liz, a hoot by Amy and David Sedaris.

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SantaLand Diaries Good For Seasonal Laughs, But Has Its Share Of Bah-Humbug Moments

While David Sedaris’ The SantaLand Diaries has its share of funny, when his script stoops low for laughs, he dashes all the other precious gifts he doles out in this very inventive one-person show. Yet there are reasons to see Empire Stage’s production of the adult-tinged, bah-humbug holiday theater tradition.

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McKeever And Santaland Diaries Deliver Off-Beat Holiday Spirit

Indulge your inner contrarian with the new subversive Christmas tradition, the annual staging somewhere of the delightfully contrarian The Santaland Diaries. The satire about an unemployed actor forced to pay the bills by enlisting in the army of elf drones at Macy’s Santaland is being mounted this time by Parade Productions in its second season in Mizner Park in Boca Raton.

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Zoetic’s The SantaLand Diaries Is Witty Satire, But Not For Kids

The SantaLand Diaries is a holiday tale – not a warm inspiring morality fable for Christmas, but a harrowing if hilarious horror story for Halloween.

In Zoetic Stage’s production, the satirical monologue of a would-be actor slaving as an elf in Macy’s SantaLand is a wry, acerbic riff on the desensitizing corporate commercialization not just of the holiday, but of genuine sentiment as well.

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