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Success Of Primal Forces’ New ‘An Accident’ Is No Accident

The prickly problematic mutual attempts to heal physically and emotionally by an auto accident victim and the offending driver make an intriguing and rewarding drama at Primal Forces’ An Accident

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Arts Garage’s Reborning: An Emotionally Adrift But Provocative Psychodrama

Arts Garage’s Reborning is a thought-provoking work hints at many weighty topics—the anxieties of pending motherhood, the conflicting desires to both nurture and destroy, the futility of trying to re-create what is lost—but none are fleshed out to a degree of dramaturgical satisfaction.

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Bell Book And Candle Only Intermittently Casts A Spell

Broward Stage Door’s quite serviceable but not bewitching production of this 1951 fantasy love story doesn’t feel especially magical in the first act, but it locates the right bag of pixie dust in the second act to show why director Michael Leeds wanted to do the play.

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