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Williams’ ‘Two Character Play’ At MTC Uses Inventive Device, Yet Gets Lost In Isolation

There’s a daringness to Stephanie Ansin’s vision at Miami Theater Center that makes you find things to love about a piece, even one that ends up having more than a few problems. As a continuation of her exploration of themes of isolation and entrapment, Ansin and company have chosen Tennessee Williams’ The Two Character Play.

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Alliance’s Savage In Limbo Examines Everyday Lives Of Not-So-Quiet Desperation

Inarticulate people hold forth in a bar in a torrent of existential philosophy and metaphorical verbiage in John Patrick Shanley’s Savage In Limbo at the Alliance Theatre Lab. But if Shanley lets them go on way too long, it’s undeniable that this cast wrenches at the audience’s heart as they depict humanity’s fundamental yearning to change their lives and find “something better.”

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Love Burns Is Off Beat Comedy About Modern Relationships

Seeing life through the prism of offbeat characters such as the oddballs populating the absurdist comedy Love Burns sometimes helps us perceive the modern world more clearly than any naturalistic drama.The two daffy playlets produced by Thinking Cap Theatre are bitingly funny and sharply critical in their depiction of what passes for romance among twenty-somethings in the 21st Century. We’re laughing at them, but we’re also a little worried at the characters’ shallow definition of love.

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Red Hot Lovers Sizzle At Broward Stage Door

Broward Stage Door Theatre has a knack for Neil Simon. Just when you thought there wasn’t much new to be done with yet another of Simon’s old chestnuts, the Coral Springs theater company presents a fresh production that’s entertaining from beginning to end. With its latest Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Stage Door loads one of Simon’s funniest plays with talent, which only makes the comedy soar higher.

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Mean Girls Make The Grade In Thinking Cap’s Premiere of Death For Sydney Black

The ambitious Thinking Cap Theatre, now in its second season, breathes life into Leah Nanako Winkler’s absurdist play about the dog-eat-dog world of high school hierarchy in Death for Sydney Black at Fort Lauderdale’s Empire Stage.

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